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Desc:A montage from various stationary security cameras. Hellish.
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:tornado, Twist and Shout, kentucky, what hell looks like, West Liberty
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The Mothership
who needs that many security cameras living in the countryside?

Oh, and those are some winds, aren't they?

You'd be amazed how much crime goes on out in the country.

Well, in the Oklahoma country anyway.

Oscar Wildcat
Agreed. I've lived in some bad nabes in Brooklyn, and mixed it up with the locals, but I never had a gun pointed at me with menace until I moved to the country.

I have traveled all over the place, and Brooklyn is NOT more dangerous than Louisville. Very few cities are.


Did not mean to 5 star own video.
That guy
The only way to be forgiven is to make an audio track of yourself doing various WOOSH sound effects for 10'30'', and add it to this vid.

Jet Bin Fever
:) it happens. Baleen did that all the time.

Good thing climate change isn't happening. Otherwise this upward trend in destructive tornados might be something to be worried about.
huzzah, my video wish mostly granted! if only the Blair Witch angle existed, then my morbid curiosity would finally die...
Jane Error
From this video I've learned that during a tornado the viability of impromptu shelters runs like this:

In a car > Under a pool tarp > In a shed > Under a tree
The Head of John the Baptist

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