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exy - 2012-04-10

Nice cat lips. How very annoying-looking.

The Mothership - 2012-04-10

oh god, the sniveling apology beginning at 4:11 is the most disturbing robot emotion I have seen since Marvin the paranoid android. Give this thing the voice of Alan Rickman.

Doomstein - 2012-04-10

Good choice on Alan Rickman. Preferably with his most sarcastic and condescending voice inflections.

One night of him berating you for your choices in prime time television in front of your kids will make every night a 'sit down together with a good book' night.

Meerkat - 2012-04-10

The first thing out of Robot Meerkat would have been "Nice Rack!"

Caminante Nocturno - 2012-04-10

If you hit him enough times, you get 15 silver points.

Toenails - 2012-04-10

A robot Cat recommending videos? Well fuck, it's been nice knowing you poeTV.

Oktay - 2012-04-10

"Hey boss, research shows people are watching less and less TV!"
"What???!! How can that be??"
"They're going over to the internet."
"What are they doing on the internet?"
"They're watching cat videos."
"What can we do about it?
"Well, we can build a cat robot that tells them what's good on TV."
"Brilliant idea! Make sure it's ugly and scary with lots of noisy motors."
"I wouldn't have it any other way."
"Here's your big raise."


memedumpster - 2012-04-11

You have to fight a remote control for control of the TV. A codependent, needy, emotionally sensitive one.

The future.

Old_Zircon - 2012-04-11

This is the industry I work in (automated media recommendation, not Telegatto unfortunately).

chumbucket - 2012-04-11

More technological attempts at killing the art of flipping channels.

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