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Tags:music, Cab Calloway, Aging, give me your tears
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Comment count is 23
No tears, but I definitely got verklempt. Take some some stars.
Caminante Nocturno
Very heartwarming.
Terrifying. We are all nothing but dying robots.
When I'm in the nursing home, they are going to have to play Aurora Snow or Jenna Haze clips to get me talking.

Caminante Nocturno
J-pop and video game music for me.

Jet Bin Fever
I volunteer with hospice and things like this always gets to me. I absolutely love this. Thank you.
These are you for the emotional fortitude to help see people off.

Jet Bin Fever
Thanks man. A patient I had gotten really close to just passed yesterday morning. It doesn't really get easier, but I guess I'm lucky to have been one of the two last people, outside of nurses, to see him alive and speak to him. I'm glad for that at the least.

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something tells me I'll have a similar reaction to hearing the above song when I'm ancient and trapped inside my own mind
This is so amazingly great. Ok, some tears.
Five stars just for being great.
American Standard
Oh, god. Aging. What kind of loving god, I ask you.
Disease processes like dementia are considered separate from aging. There are plenty of people who live for extremely long periods of time without any signs of cognitive failure, like Jeanne Calment.

Don't be such a hair-splitter. There is a high correlation between aging & occurrence of those diseases.

Yeah, well, there's also a high correlation between aging and the occurrence of cancer, so what are you gonna do.

You win, Internet. Sometimes you remind me there is decency in this world.
Both uplifting and depressing as hell.
Don't we have a "Give me your tears" type tag from a month or so ago we could link?
I think it may have been a description.

turns out it was a comment: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=100605

From six months ago. I'll meet you outside.

Yeah... Alright, I have no sense of time any more. It's official.

Old People
The monster springs to life!
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