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Desc:Unfinished video from the album released by the cartoon rapping cat from the Paula Abdul video.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:MC Skat Kat, too stunningly awful for 73q, or people in general
Submitted:Billy the Poet
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Comment count is 15
according to the comments, they were planning more music videos like this, culminating in a feature-length Roger Rabbit style movie.

The mind boggles.
Given the state of Hollywood today, I'm really curious as to what killed it and how we can encourage more of this death-inducing sanity.

Also, furries in the comments section on youtube.

Bad luck for Don Bluth, I guess.

He's never really managed to get much off the ground since "Anastasia," and he's got one of the more unflattering pictures I've ever seen on Wikipedia:


He could be mistaken for a zombie cosplayer looking like that.

I would hope a collaboration with Jive Bunny &the Mastermixers was going to be worked in there somehow.

I don't really see how Gorillaz was any more acceptable than this.

Gorillaz was acceptable because the last run of Tank Girl was so bad that we were all glad the artists did something else.

I'd argue Gorillaz was Albarn not wanting to appear in any videos and also being enough of a fan of Hewlitt to help him out with some work. Sounds right.

The guy who is responsible for the production of this and the other MC Skat Kat video that actually was finished, also directed Disney's god awful direct-to-video Cinderella sequel, "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True" and the second season of Todd McFarlane's Spawn cartoon. He also directed some Ralph Bakshi monstrosity.

It's a small world.
Wait a minute, that animated cat wasn't real, how could he release an album? I'm calling shennigans on this.
MC Skat Kat died on the way back to his home planet.
Beat me to it.

His character lived long enough for a home planet to become canon?

too many conversations this week have revolved around MC skat Kat
Jet Bin Fever
God, tell me about it. I can't go anywhere without hearing about him.

Some day, in the not too distant future, the AI's of MC Scat Kat, Hatsune Miku, and Tupac will sit down for brunch and talk about cutting an album.

I have foreseen it.
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