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Desc:Aging goths do a moody cover of The Divinyls. BUT IS IT ART
Category:None, Humor
Tags:goth, bad music, embarrassment, the internet, too hot for 73q
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Comment count is 6
Not goths, just white people who like improv comedy and don't know not to talk about the internet in real life

and stars for their having screaming fans while serious bands sacrifice and are ignored

do you know what improv is

no, i thought it was the same thing as covering a song with a band

They are goths, I've met them all and they are the worst gothiest goths.

As unlikely as this sounds, there are actually *two* Memepunks. One is an American improv comedy troupe, the other is a London-based band. This video is by the band. (Who, I guess, will have to be "The Memepunks UK" if we ever tour in the States!)
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