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Desc:Elliot Gould vs. 10,000 years of Eastern cuisine.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Twilight Zone, elliot gould, fortune cookies
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Comment count is 11
Yep, I could smell the Ellison on this a mile away.
Five for general "Twilight Zone" goodness, but like all the TZ remakes, this misses the charm of the original. "Asshole gets comeuppance" isn't what made the originals good; there was also the level of character interplay that is completely absent here.

Original series had a comparable episode ("What You Need") about a street peddler who always carried just the item you needed to improve your life, and he dispensed his gift happily until a small-time crook kept demanding more and more from him. A big chunk of the episode was the crook insisting he deserved more because of the breaks he never got, with the peddler protesting that he doesn't see what he already has, and trying to get him to stop. Things ended about the only way they could, but at least they bothered to develop character before getting to the not-twist ending.
Right, but that one didn't have Elliot Gould playing John Waters.

We literally don't have a culture robust enough to be able to handle the original awesomeness of the Twilight Zone. Think of this as Dim Light Area, the Chinese knockoff.

Eh, that always happens to me when I eat Chinese food.

I'm just going to assume for my own satisfaction that later he falls in love with a robot, and that the real Hitler is how we treat one another.
So, he deserved to find love and get 1000 dollars even when he was writing scathing reviews for no reason? No wonder he was such an entitled jerk, the world literally owed him something!

What did he actually do that got him condemned to die? The only thing he was doing differently was he was sharing his supernatural secret with a stranger, if anything he should have been rewarded for that.
He was a dick, therefore he deserved to die. The morality of vigilante justice, inscrutable Chinaman style, is never explored.

The 80s also gave us a remake of "It's a Good Life" that completely missed the point of the original (what happens to people forced to bow and scrape to a capricious and heartless deity in their midst?), in favor of an ending where someone just explains to the omnipotent kid that indiscriminate killing is wrong. Cop-out solution much? God damn the 80s were shitty.

I thought that Elliot was just misinterpreting what the fortune cookies did. They aren't things that change fate, they're just telling the future. What he "deserves" is just "what was always going to happen."

I'm kinda thinking the 80s version of the show was written by people too stupid to understand the 60s version. I fucking hated the 80s.

Robin Kestrel
Wow, what a complete dick.

And is he wearing some sort of dining smock under his jacket in that first scene? Who wears those besides the greengrocer at the A&P?
MC Scared of Bees
Oh, cool, I was just thinking about the Fritch story a few days ago. Never knew they made a Twilight Zone out of it.
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