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Desc:A genuinely awful improvement on the first trailer
Category:Advertisements, Stunts
Tags:Borat, coming to america, lowest common denominator, The Dictator
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 19
They showed this at the last movie I went and saw.

There was a whole row of middle school aged kids behind us, laughing hysterically through the whole thing.
Out of everything, it seems the worst idea was trying to make the main character...who was depicted as a fucked up psychotic dictator...likable.

oh...I didn't mean that as a reply...I thought Kentucky Fried Movie was high comedy in Middle School.

blue vein steel
as someone who liked borat and bruno... this looks fucking awful
Borat can perhaps be regarded as one of the defining comedies of the 00's. This is just generic "Americans be like this and foreign people be like this" crap.

Jazzy B on the soundtrack gets 5, even if they've got some guy rapping over it.

Also, the song at 2:01 might as well be Sasha Baron Cohen's new theme song.
It's like he tried to copy the Middle Easterner antics from Postal, but didn't understand comedy enough to do it successfully.
Postal had acceptable middle eastern antics?

No, which is what makes this so sad.

Jesus fuck, will Ben Kingsley NOT do anything for money? What the fuck? I thought Bloodrayne was a low point, but christ....
Rodents of Unusual Size
Did he lose all his money gambling or what?

Let's have a zionist make a comedy about a middle-eastern dictator, what could possibly go wrong
Man, they don't even have the balls to follow through with the central premise of the movie. Instead of actually being about a dictator, he's going to spend half the movie as Wacky Foreign Poor Guy.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Spaceman Africa
(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻)
Hammer Falls
Cohen's "The Love Guru".

Fuck me. I had no idea. This went from mildly interesting to piece of shit in 30 seconds.

Also, I will watch this illegally because I have an extremely inappropriate attraction to Anna Faris.
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