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Desc:Math trolling.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:WoW, lulz, trolling, Vihart, wau
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Comment count is 33
Corpus Delectable
My hatred for this person is probably equal to Wau.

Seriously, she has not a single video that doesn't make me want to scream with rage and bitchslap the smugness right out of her.

It's like I eternally expect her to say, "IDK! My BFF Jill?"
William Topaz McGonagall
Check out what she writes at 2:56.

Wonko the Sane
I, too, am terrified by independent women.

Spaceman Africa
It's like I'm really reading XKCD!
That guy
Obama's going to add Wau to our schools.
He's also going to:
A date with this girl will be like being force fed gray math paper
I want to be fucking her while she performs this monologue.
I would like to gently slide a specially designed, well lubricated electrode into your dickhole. It has a long probe that goes deep into your urethra and a ring that fits around the head of your dick. I would electrocute your dick with randomly timed and increasingly painful jolts until you cried and then I would lick the tears off your face.

That's just wow.
dauauaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh calculators
Wau Stars 5 times over.

People who don't appreciate the number 1 need to ϝuck right off. It's the second most useful number right next to 0.
Sanest Man Alive
Are you trying to say -1 is more useful?

1 is the loneliest number and haters gonna hate, but 1s and 0s run this place so show some respect.

Oh wait. I got trolled by this troll video.

Okay, so I need to redo my comment, here it goes...

|Wau| Stars 5 times over.

People who don't appreciate the number -1 need to ϝuck right off. It's the third most useful number right next to 0 and 1.

P.S. The fourth most useful number is the root of Wau.


snake snake snake snake snake snake snake

Videos that involve Sharpies or dry-erase boards immediately fill me with dislike for those who make them just because these superior intellects can't seem to come up with a less cliched form of presentation.

It's becoming the YouTube version of PowerPoint.
Yeah totally, I agree, I want to see a presentation where someone uses shit on your face.

Hmmm.... Who did the shit come from, or are we just talking a generic bag of manure from Home Depot?

Yeah but Vi invented it.

This video is fun, shows us who one PoE knows any math and those that are art or business majors.
Alternatively, those of us who have jobs.

Interpret that as you will.

Took me over two minutes
Not even a good troll

d/dx e^F = eF

Come on.
Nyms Lives!
Not being a math geek, it was the "physics" part that tripped me to it. E^F / mc^2 = F. But since E=mc^2, you could very well have been saying (apple)^F / (apple) = F. Nothing special about including that equation at all.
If not for this video, I would have liked just about all her other videos. Here she finally reveals that she doesn't care about math being a neat thing that people of all stripes can enjoy. She only cares about making people feel stupid, and it's not like the internet has a shortage of that.
As an intelligent person, I sometimes offend people by being too eager to use my intellect to help them. Is this normal?

I also enjoyed Vi's earlier videos and was annoyed by the pedantry in this one.

I'm not qualified to answer that question. I don't know what "normal" is. That sounds like a cliche thing people say a lot, and I apologize, but if you knew me in person you'd see what I mean.

I guess the big thing is if people don't want help then don't offer it, unless it's a life or death situation. You could also ask if they would like some help. Otherwise it's like they're playing Solitaire and you're watching over their shoulder offering them pointers. We're all guilty of it now and then.

Anyway, life is that game of Solitaire, I reckon.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I was being insulted and was totally unaware of it happening?!
Mister Yuck
Yes, I agree. All education should be relentlessly positive. There is no room for jokes because everyone takes themselves far too seriously to be able to enjoy them.
That's number-wau!
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