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Desc:Courtney Stodden's Foot Hurts
Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:foot, courtney stodden, bunny shoot
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Comment count is 19
oh yeah, well my soul hurts now
Jet Bin Fever
I think this clip gave me herpes.

she's 17? why, she doesn't look a day over 40
Pope Caius
Comic Sans.
The Mothership
you can imagine where it goes from here.
She takes an asprin and goes to sleep?

Koda Maja
Don't be fatuous, Doomstein.

But it's all I know : (

Corpus Delectable
This is a countdown to a gangbang, right?
I feel like Courtney Stodden videos could benefit from the new "hookerbot" tag.
HAH good one

Ow my foot hurts in this stripper-style ...
Wait, who's filming this?
5:22-7:25: an unintentional artistic commentary on Courtney Stodden's existence?
There's no way I'm watching 8 minutes of Courtney Stodden. Let's just say you win for now, internet.
Seems like there is an easy solution to this problem.
She looks like she was in a horrible accident but the highly experimental (not to mention unorthodox and illeagal) reconstructive surgery put her back together wrong.

Now she's locked up in the manor of the doctor responsible, so nobody suspects anything. He'll get it right, one day. He'll show those fools in the so-called "medical community" who laughed at him.
Jet Bin Fever
You know what, I'll say it. These two were made for each other. They're both so unlikable and stupid, I'm glad they're pushing it on each other instead of spreading their terrible genes somewhere else.
What if they breed?

Jet Bin Fever
At least they'd be keeping the stupidity in-house, rather than spreading it to the general population as a whole.

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