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Desc:I'm over the guilt about posting these. I predict we're headed toward TFL-land.
Category:Military, Humor
Tags:awkward, manchild, crossbow, fatswordsman, who films this?
Submitted:Corpus Delectable
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Comment count is 16
His cameraman is Harry Solomon.
His mom looks like a dude
Jet Bin Fever
Someone cue the Odd Couple theme.
Fairly normal guy, except for the Mass Effect hoodie. As we all know, hoodies are insights into the soul. Plus he's armed. Where was the neighborhood watch?
Jet Bin Fever
Shit, I didn't even notice the N7. Now I feel dirty for knowing what that is.

N7 hoodie was my first impression. Bioware fans are the worst people.

Old People
This sheepish, slovenly, squinty-looking critter is "fairly normal" where you come from?

He looks plenty normal given the company he keeps.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He seems a bit too old to be hanging around with porky.
What we have here is the world's most patient social worker

Not a bad shot for one either. May have had some target practice, in the odd event he needs to put Pokey down.

i'm not sure what to say.

but I'd hit it?
Can't wait till the start talking about random stuff. And controversial stuff too.
The fact that this kid can shoot a bunch of holes in his garage door without fear of being murdered by his parent(s) kind of explains a lot of his problems.

He's basically feral. Well-fed, but feral nonetheless.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I used to know a guy that had this same speech impediment. He was always really nice and fairly normal. He didn't know anything about swords. Which is good, because they can cut you right open! I used to feel pretty sorry for him because a lot of people assumed he was dumb, according to him.

I'm guessing a certain amount of pity is responsible for the situation unfolding here.
Well, looking at his other videos, the fatswordsman obviously has a passion for the Japanese sword. I hope he decides to join a reputable sword school, works hard, and becomes a well respected member of the martial arts community. I wish him the best.
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