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Desc:I don't like this either, but someone would've submitted it eventually, so let's get this over with.
Category:Humor, None
Tags:tone deaf, Hot Problems, not sure if parody
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 17
For some reason I think if Cake did a cover of this it would be pretty cool.

Holy shit I don't even like Cake and you're absolutely right.

Adham Nu'man
I only like that one song.

They could have used models or actual hot girls...
But then they would have to lip synch, and these girls have artistic integrity.

I'm thinking this video was made specifically to see how many people on YouTube would call two teenagers ugly.
I prefer to think youtube released it as some sort of emergency VEDA topic creation contingency plan.

Maybe they're referring to their friends problems?
Robin Kestrel
"Daddy, I want to make a music video!"

"There won't be any ethnic-types in it, will there?"

"Oh, Daddy, of course not!"

"Anything for you, cupcake." (reaches for wallet)
This could very well be the worst thing ever created.
Always wondered if you actually liked your own submissions.
Pope Caius
Some of them. This, however, I am almost completely apathetic toward, but submitted it because it felt like something I should submit and it was getting popular so it'd find its way here eventually and writing replies at 2 AM is making me type horrible run-on sentences.

I hear you there. I've seen mildly-viral videos before that I've passed on, thinking no misleading title could ever make it poe material, only to find it on the front page with a literal title and 5 stars 2 days later. I've got to lower my standards.

Wonko the Sane
these are for the categories
I'm not sure if I should admire their resolve not to use autotune.
So is Rebecca Black gonna cut these bitches with a razor for stealing her thunder?
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