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Desc:An animated political illustration decrying the sordid actions of our president, Mr. Barack Hussein
Tags:politics, James Brown, satire, Barack Obama, muslim as all hell
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Comment count is 10
Okay, so this video illustrates Barack Obama's political ties to the Burger King corporation, Michelle Obama's support for biotechnology, birds who carry doctor bags.... uh.... James Brown and there's some fire and... I don't know what those things are with the saxophones.
Portugese water dogs. Do your research, Benedict Arnold.

During the campaign he said he was getting a shelter dog.

Sudan no1
at least Obama didn't strap the dog to the roof of his car for a cross-country trip.

In my beloved sweden, greatest socialist dystopia the world will ever know, its common for the premiers wife to spit fire in her bloody rampage across the hellscape. We have no burger kings though, just burger persons with average income.

MajorRoy 7 hours ago
Holy shit, it gets even better:

"An animated political illustration decrying the sordid actions of our president, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, and his wife Michelle Hussein Obama. Audio is the US national anthem as performed by James Brown.

If you are an accredited news agency such as FOX News, CNN, Daily Mail, Colbert Report, or the Onion and would like to employ my hard-hitting and award-winning talents, please contact me through this youtube account."

Hubba Bubba Nightmare
Notice how they made Michelle Obama darker 5 for evil?
Just in case anyone isn't sure, I'm pretty certain this is a troll/satire. Looking at the other vids on the channel, this guy is an SA Goon.

I'm not sure about the sincerity of the commenters, especially the ones invoking Jesus.
Shit, I got trolled.

Yeah, Everdread has several things submitted here.

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