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Desc:An inside look into the high security prisons of Russia.
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:russia, Prison
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Comment count is 9
Is there any chance Anders Breivik can be sent here? I can't stand the thought of him chilling in a cozy resort prison in Norway.
No kidding, I saw this http://youtu.be/C4beUC3-ckw and it almost made me want to go to Norway, rob a bank, and intentionally get caught. The prison in Leoben Austria is pretty nice too,

Generally I'm against the death penalty, but fuck that guy. He needs to be burned at the steak.

The Black Dolphin? sounds like a kinky gay bondage club
In a way, it is.

'Yeah some guy asked me for a light so I cut him up and ate his thigh. The neighbor made some dumplings out of him because I told her it was a kangaroo.'
Hank Friendly
This is heartstoppingly russian from start to finish
So essentially they're just like American prisons except with less violence and rape?
The violence and rape is reserved for the political prisoners, not shown in this video.

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