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Desc:DIY 'impenetrable mind control shield that I don't think is gonna work.'
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:Morgellons, Gang stalking, targeted individual, Aluminium foil, timothytrespas
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Comment count is 4
OxygenThief - 2012-04-25
These Elmers Glue viral ads are just getting weird.
StanleyPain - 2012-04-26
This guy makes me sadder than most of the "Targeted individual" folks on YouTube. I watched some of his videos today (well, more listened to them) while working on something else and he is clearly not as crazy as most of these folks. He's still teetering on that edge where he knows what he's saying is crazy and in several of his videos he says things like "this guy could be a gangstalker, but then he might just be some random guy" and he acknowledges that there's no real way to be sure of his paranoia.

His videos tell the same story that almost all of these types tell: he's been on medical programs to help with his mental issues but now he's not getting the help he needs because of this that or the other (usually medicaid not helping or some other form of bureaucracy).
I think a lot of people in this country assume that denying people access to decent health care just means that the people will go die and then be out of their hair, forgetting that, of course, most of the people using public health services and monies are not dying or anything like that...they're just crazy. And they'll keep getting crazier. And there will be more of them. On the streets. Not sure they thought the whole "let them eat cake" philosophy all the way through.
kamlem - 2012-04-26
Yeah, I noticed on some of the other videos I watched that he seems to be a guy who just fell through the cracks. It seems like he made a living using a fully equipped home studio, and things slowly fell apart when his house was robbed and everything taken. Basically, any one of us could be one forgotten insurance bill away from this guy. Thankfully he still has his wife for support.

candyheadrobot - 2012-04-26
alright, this is certainly a sad fellow, but what I don't understand is, why such people like himself choose to project their thoughts onto the internet. paranoia by definition fosters the distrust of others, so what is it that they seek to achieve by putting themselves out there like this? not saying that as a victim blame, as we all are pretty much put to the sword in capitalism when we are unable to work, and have no other riches to bear, but speaking to the condition, why are there so many who do this in particular? is it a cry for help? or do they think they're keeping a record, and just don't know that others will see it? highly doubt the former. stars for sad.
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