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Desc:HEE HEE HEE Look at 'em go!
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Hunting, rats, better animals, jack russell, the cutest killers
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 12
Like a pair of little Rory Calhouns..
Corpus Delectable
I imagine that the farmer leaves his feed out on purpose, just so he can give this guy a call once a week to watch the terriers go.
Jet Bin Fever
My dachshund is really great at breaking the necks and ripping out the squeakers on her toys. Within a minute of giving her a new toy there's stuffing and fabric all over the place.
MacGyver Style Bomb
The one my family had did the exact same thing. He was also fantastic at crawling under the deck in the back yard looking for rabbit nests.

I have a Yorkie/Dachsund mix, and it middled out to make him essentially a Dachsund colored Jack Russell. This is basically his idea of doggie heaven.

I have two dachshunds and had to invest in those animals not filled with stuffing.

My dachshund is about three months old. We gave him a tennis ball the other day, and in about two hours he had every last fiber of that green fuzzy material torn off the ball.

He's proven to be a lousy hunter so far though. He just wants to play and be friends with everyone and everything, including the two mallards roosting in our back yard.

Sudan no1
better animals.
screams of the dying
American Standard
Terriers terriers terriers. Manageable sizes, bold little hearts, feisty dispositions.

The Kids in the Hall wrote that song for a reason.
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