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Desc:this is a real game
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:downer, anesthesia, valium, sleeping pill, hypnotics
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for when those weird aspie kids move on from those plane and train dvds
Reminds me of an old MicroProse game called "Kennedy Approach." It was a flight-controller sim that I recall being pretty fun, but it was more arcade-y than this "game."
It's not that it COULDN'T be good. It just ISN'T good.

Julie Mike two-one, climb and maintain one seven thousand. Cleared direct to Albuquerque via the -
Aircraft calling. Please stand by. Jane Mike two-one, turn heading...
Aircraft calling, say again. Lifeguard four-six.
Cleared direct to Albuquerque. Climb and maintain one seven thousand.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
At first glance I thought it read AIRPORT SECURITY SIMULATOR.
this needs some skillrex

startling in its accuracy and realism
I like how the tower is apparently only big enough for one person who has apparently been permanently installed there with no hope of escape.
It's part of the Reagan fantasy.

Accomplishments for the game:

Eat 20 vending-machine ham-and-cheese sandwiches
Drink 30 cups of vending-machine coffee
Smoke and stub out 30 cigarettes
Fall asleep on duty 5 times
Five minutes of this and I'd be directing every plane within 50 miles to crash into me.
I'd totally play this, if only I could make a flaming pile of plane wreckages as big as the tower itself.

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