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Desc:High-school redneck fight
Tags:Redneck, fist-fights, Western Pennsylvania
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Comment count is 17
We are livin' / livin' in NINETIES NINETIES NINETIES
We still fight / fightin' in NINETIES NINETIES NINETIES
big pincers
I don't support this
You should change your name to big vagina

big pincers
imma make you a vagina

I filled it full of cement and sewed it shut with pink shoelaces. Now I rape bears. Wanna go?

Enough about how you saved Christmas, Misterbuns. We've all heard that story a thousand times.

Oh, Doomstein...you rogue.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between
Pretty much just abandoned coal towns and sadness. Yep.

Jet Bin Fever
This is the perfect example of your typical high school fight. These two are coming to blows, but don't really want to seriously hurt each other. Because neither really wants to seriously hurt each other, neither party is ever injured enough to stop. It just goes on and on, fueled by the ego-challenging presence and comments of a crowd, until exhaustion. Neither party really wins, and both think they have won or were cheated.
The trailer for "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" looks AWESOME!
Another 'Karate Kid' remake. They couldn't score the local civic center for the All Valley Tournament. Soooo... they filmed it in the vacant lot behind the 7-11.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Blond kid has a penis head haircut.
Back in 1990 we called it a "kadawol."

I don't know where it came from, but everyone called it (and by extension the one kid sporting one) that.

And then a voice rang out in the midst of battle, something said that will never be forgotten. It will be in the minds of those who witnessed the event until they pass on from this world. A voice that thundered from the Heavens, "CRACK HIM CHEESY!"
blue vein steel
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