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Desc:All of it.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:70s, Tolkein, the hobbit, rankin and bass, bilbo
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Binro the Heretic
This was the most awesome cartoon ever when I was seven. I liked it so much, my folks bought me the book in paperback.

And thus was a nerd born.
meh, the movie is much better

Ok, first, thanks for posting this awesome gem but I, unfortunately have a major problem with it. This is the official version released missing TONS of ambient and prominent sound effects from the old 80s VHS release. I happened to have grown up on a janky VHS copied version from TV way back as proof that Warner Bros. is fucking everyone over and REFUSES to release a proper copy of this amazing film. I ripped and released a torrent of my copy which isn't the best, quality-wise, like this is but it at least is proof of what the soundtrack should be in its intact state. Is there anything that can be done?? btw, Rankin/Bass Gollum is best Gollum...
I never saw this as a kid - only had the book and an audiobook. This Gollum was much closer to what I had in my head than the emaciated Hobbit he was apparently supposed to be. Only mine was skinnier, had long floppy ears like a basset hound and a lure on his head in the shape of a worm to catch fish. I drew a picture.

Yeah....this film is worth it just for their interpretation of the Riddles In The Dark chapter which I don't think anything can ever quite equal, not even the new Peter Jackson film. I consider myself a Tolkien geek, but in all honestly, I prefer the toad-Gollum thing to the movie one (which is technically more accurate, but whatever)

Binro the Heretic
I don't have time to scan through this now, but did it cut out the part where Bilbo comes running out of the secret passage with his ass on fire and one of the dwarfs has to tackle him with a cloak to put him out?

My old VHS copy was edited so that it shows Smaug roaring in rage as Bilbo flees up the tunnel with the stolen goblet and switches instantly to Thorin asking "What did you burgle?"

I guess they were afraid kids would emulate Bilbo the next time they caught on fire?

spiteful crow
I've always loved this movie's version of Gollum. He has a very blind-cave-amphibian look to him.
spiteful crow
meant to be a reply but whatever

I'm skimming through and cringing at all the scenes I know for a fact have awesome sound effect accompaniment that they refuse to fix. Spider deaths, arrow deflection, Goblin King death, rumblings, roarings, crackling flames, etc. Hurts my damn heart! My most hated sound omission is the thundering noise when Smaug closes his claw sharply and yells, "SPEARS!!" My one hope is that they'll release some stupid "Ultimate Edition" when the live-action movie comes out and quietly restore it to its full glory.. I have this bad feeling they won't though since there's no outpouring of disgust and disappointment like I feel.
So I shouldn't watch this?

Jet Bin Fever
You're quite the aficionado. I'd like to see an example of what you're talking about. Surely there are plenty of nerdy guys working on this right?

I'm glad I didn't watch this yet, I'm going to find the original version instead.

ok, check this out right quick:


This is one of the only blessed examples I can find on youtube. Notice the sound of the gold coins falling away from his legs as he stomps around. And the 'my claws: spears' bit is way more impactful with the sound behind it.

There's so much missing from it, I'm glad I was alive during the time it was intact. If I didn't think I'd get banned from poetv, I'd post a link to my torrent of it with all sounds intact (albeit, low vhs quality). I'm no good with video/audio editing but it's probably possible to splice the HD video with the intact soundtrack, yeah?? Would sharing a torrent of a film released by a company that knew full well they were selling people a defective product still be illegal???
It's been done and is on Demonoid.

oh cool! I haven't checked in awhile since I posted my shitty copy. I should have been on top of that, thanks!

Wonko the Sane
What an embarrassingly bad adaptation.
Ho Ho, you think THIS is bad? Try watching the Bakshi version of LoTR sometime

Wonko the Sane
I'll take Bakshi's LoTR over Rankin & Bass' Hobbit any day. It is certainly deeply flawed but has its charms, the rotoscoping is well done and thank to christ it doesn't have these shitty ass songs.

If you think this movie is without charm, then I suspect you and I had different experiences in our formative years.

Binro the Heretic
The Ralph Bakshi LotR was a steaming pile of shit. If you disagree, I have one word for you:


The cheapest, clumsiest, most laughably bad rotoscoping in the history of animation.

For the time, and the money they had, I thought this was rather nice. It helps that I saw it when I was ten.

B. Weed
The voice casting on this is fun. John Huston as Gandalf and Brother Theodore as Gollum are great choices, Otto Preminger is pure WTF, and some of the veteran voice actors end up using voices you heard elsewhere (listen to John Stephenson as the Grand Goblin. He's basically Mr. Slate).
POETV favorite, Hans Conried, as Thorin.

The backgrounds are a REVELATION.
Jane Error
I never got through this movie as a kid because I couldn't stand to look at Bilbo's face. To this day I have a hard time with his gross froggy eyes.
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