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Desc:Question does this count as a stallion?
Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:Army, my little pony, tumblr
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Comment count is 26
Sudan no1
Sluggy also took my pony porn virginity.

jesus fucking christ
Spaceman Africa
the british robotic voices make these
This is getting out of hand.
Jean-Jacques Perrey is roasting on a spit in Hell. A single tear drops from his eye, and lands on a My Little Pony doll.
He's still alive

I always suspected. Now I know.

Bronies ruin everything.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
The soundtrack is what ties this all together for me.
I liked the guy who admitted to spending his only call from his Army station masturbating to pony porn in the bathroom. I guess the idea of a grunt with a pink pony shooting a party cannon of confetti across his helmet seems more bold and subversive than the peace symbol of yesterwar.

There's a book in there somewhere, of deeply religious, deeply conservative jihadists searching through his slain body for ammunition and finding photo after worn photo of cartoon ponies locked in the most filthy sexual maneuvers western culture has ever devised. The insurgent looks over his shoulder, and back that the photos, before folding them all into his stack of looted pornography. In days, as the photos are passed along the ranks, clopping has entered the cell in earnest - a cancer beyond indecency, awakening bronies who never dared wonder what friendship could be...
It would have been perfect for him to get caught by the Drill Sargent.

Caminante Nocturno
The drill sergeant is also a brony.

Shoebox Joe
Kabbage, I'm gonna draw that image.

The Sargent may be a brony, but MLP is that soldier's donut.

Keep me posted, soldier.

I really wanted to one star this bronie bollocks, but I couldn't.

Also, I got to get my gf some socks
American Standard

Best part is? Bronies are somewhat hostile to female fans of this show. Absolutely fantastic.
That's good news. Hopefully we'll only have to endure one generation of this madness before they die out like the bacteria they are.

I swear, nothing tests your patience like a brony that won't shut up about his goddamned pony fetish.

I thought they respected their pegasisters.

You were right American Standard, Tumblr Pony Fandom Experience Simulator 1.0 was sad, this video made me laugh. Now I have to go wash my mind out with soap.

Better than the other one. Not the best thing ever but amusing.

5 STARS!!!!2
Jet Bin Fever
No matter how I may screw up in my life, at least I'll be able to tell my grandchildren that I was never a Brony.
Same here... right. I watch the show, but I'm not a brony.

Macho Nacho
Don't post this video on your Tumblr. You will get a whole slew of Brony sex blogs following you.

Yes, I have a Tumblr.
Eat my shorts.
FiB is on netflix instant now. Tried watching 5 minutes to see what the internet obsession was all about.

What the shit? It's not even a kid's show with clever jokes for adults. It's strictly for 4-8 year olds.

Did bronies start as some ironic 4chan thing that spun out of control?
I think it's a byproduct of the kind of "hands off" parenting that's really overtaking the younger generations. Kids grow up staring at bright colorful screens, realize the adult world is scary and cold, so they continue to bask in the screen's warm glow through adulthood.

"hooves off"


Often manchildren feel the need to legitimize their obsession with childrens' entertainment - Bronies aren't the first to claim that the jokes aimed at parents of kiddie show viewers that get sprinkled into shows like MLP are actually a sign that it's totally for adults.

"I mean sure, that episode a simple, cutesy on-the-nose moral message using basic words and explanations for the sake of young viewers, but it also had a pop-culture reference in the background for a few seconds, THIS SHOW WAS MADE FOR US!"

I have seen bronies post that this show has explained things to them like emotions and "the power of friendship", and how they work in a way they never understood before, seriously.

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