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Desc:Mirman received telemarketing calls from an anti-gay phone company, and messes with them a bit.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:gay, phone, eugene mirman, porn, crank call
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Comment count is 20
Eugene Mirman has the face of Don Knotts and the body of Shrek.
Or maybe a younger Rodney Dangerfield.

Face of the Knotts, body of Shrek!
Voice of H. Jon, bile of the Carliiiiiiin!


Sometimes I get into arguments with Republican Christians, and I mention things to them like what the people on the other end of the phone are saying here, and they almost always do one of two things: they either deny it up and down that anyone is that full of hate, or they say "What's wrong with that? Gays are unnatural."
Civil liberties, hmm? That's a little sketchy.
Also I hope this piece of shit company eventually got bought out/out-competed by the AT&T/Verizon monopolies. This was recorded way back when MCI was still holding strong.
Not so much: http://www.uat-now.com/aboutus.html

These idiots will always find the funding they need.

Oh, Oklahoma.

Stars are not good enough for Eugene Mirman. Only Eugene Mirman is good for rating a Eugene Mirman videos.

Eugene Mirman Eugene Mirman Eugene Mirman Eugene Mirman Eugene Mirman Eugene Mirman.

Stars for stupid people on the other end.
When I voted on this in the Hopper the ad said "FINALLY! 100% Pure Wolf Urine!". I think these stars are for that as much as they are for the video. Also my Amazon recommendations are a little more urine slanted now than I am fully comfortable with.
At least Support is having fun with the grim reality of online niche advertising being wildly unprofitable.

It's worth it. What a breakthrough! I've been drinking 90% wolf urine for far too long now.

what on earth were you browsing that lead to targeted advertising such as that?

MacGyver Style Bomb
Dude, have you looked at the videos linked here?

Apparently wolf urine is effective at keeping coyotes away.

Oscar Wildcat
I've been doing a 500% wolf urine concentrate that would send your penis to venus. Looking to score?

"I'm just more worried that a sandwich would marry a bear."
Well bye I love you.
anywhere from 6-10!!!!
Even if it's just kids kissing, I don't think that's right...
The Mothership
5 stars for the idea that there is a real market for a Christian phone company.
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