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Category:News & Politics
Tags:Internet, history, CBS News
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Comment count is 10
That guy
not working
John Holmes Motherfucker
1:05 "Gutenberg invented the Bible"? This guy later went on to found wikipedia.
That bible line was great.

Nervous, awkward big know-it-all guy.
Mousy woman who says "lie-bary".
Creepy shut-in dude who argues politics on the Internet.

Not much has changed. "So in a way, the Internet has almost become a forum for argument." Yes, it certainly has.

I feel sorry for the depressive anti-fascist crusader, since the Nazis have pretty much won.

and they all jerked off to ASCII porn
Wonko the Sane
It's nice to see that even back in the early days the internet was populated by nervous fattys afraid of human interaction.
yes...also incredibly self-important

"So why did you think the INTERNET needed this kind of information?"
This makes me melancholy. Everything was new and exciting back then. Now all I get to look forward to is watching a stupid cat video on POE that ONLY has 300 views.
I've been using the Internet since this report was given and to me there is still so much that's new and exciting on it and so many parts I've never seen. Also, I see that while the Internet has evolved from text only to HTML5, the people on the Internet haven't changed much.

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