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Desc:Big announcement to be announced
Tags:DouggPound, dj douggpound
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Comment count is 11
the kinks do not endorse this channel
So let me see if I get this. He's got a bunch of these non-announcement announcement videos, and he's been PAID to be on and write TV comedies?

Something is very wrong with the universe.
I'm pretty sure this will be the "next new YT" craze in the vein of "Reply Girls"

It's DJ Dougpound dude, I've love this man ever since I first laid eyes on him.


Also, he has close ties to Tim and Eric sooooo..... yeah.

Must be an acquired taste, because even with the link you posted, this apparent running gag is pretty moronic.

Not downvoting, since humor is pretty subjective, but I'm not endorsing this, either. It comes off to me like a really bad webcomic.

Funny you should say "bad webcomic"...

Would you also say that this guy might be a "People: Insane"?

Great, now I miss the old POE site.

Corpus Delectable
Dogpound. Tim & Eric. Evident suckitude.

I'm going to boldly one-star where no SteamPoweredKleenex has one-starred before.

Hahahahah tim and eric haters spreading the hate to doug loussenhop. You should hate fenslerfilms, ( the gi joe cartoons) as well. I bet you hate Eugene Mirman and Jon Glaser too? How big are those regulation sticks up your asses?
Speaking for myself, I didn't know who this person was before googling his name. All I saw was a video like a lot of others on YT making some kind of "coming soon" proclamation for something that'll never appear. If that's supposed to be a "joke," I've got news for him (and you, I guess): It isn't a joke if a million other uploaders are doing the same thing. This is really sub-standard material.

And he can use a voice filter, hooray for him.

he's really funny. I'm sorry him entertaining himself on youtube isn't more rewarding for you... You poor guy

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