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Desc:Absolutely horrible
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:furry, bullshit, unfunny, 2 the ranting gryphon
Submitted:asian hick
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Comment count is 20
Spaceman Africa
you made me think that this guy was still doing these videos
He is, and he's selling them at Anthrocon 2012. Here's a preview:


So... good news?

I made it about 30 seconds.
Wow, there is so much to despise about this person.
He seems to have fans, which is pretty depressing.

Well, he's not qualified to do comedy... But the production value and level of intellect are spot on to do right wing opinion vlogs.
Couldn't make it passed 1:00. 5 stars.
It blows my mind this asshat is still around and still worshiped by his retarded fans. I remember first hearing one of his "rants" back somewhere in the late 90s.
Well, he looks even worse than he did when I first caught sight of him thanks to POE-Red years ago.

Of course, back then people who styled themselves as "ranters" were already a dime a dozen on the internet - they just have had the ability to post videos of themselves in the passing years instead of just godawful blog posts or wall-of-text entries on what they used to call everything/nothing sites, especially clowns like 2, a desparately poor man's Bill Hicks, a completely destitute man's Dennis Miller, a ragged-jeans-and-shoeless hobo's Lewis Black.
Stars for evil.

I will admit, I chuckled at "locking myself in a closet with a strobe-light and an epileptic and have him flail me to death"

Mainly funny because I used to have an epileptic dog.
Its a win win situation when you give her the extra 2 cents, she doesn't have to count change and you don't have to carry around a pocket full of nickels, what is he mad about?
He's mad because everyone in the world is stupid and he isn't.

Goddamit, why hasn't this turd fucked off yet? He certainly thinks he's famous enough for a fatal drug habit.
his fursona is spider jerusalem

Eroticus E
He's like the repulsive offspring of Daniel Songer and Molotov Mitchell.
Forget all of the other things wrong with it for a second; the fact that this dude has enjoyed ten-plus years of throwing his ugly, egotistical weight around without anyone punching his fucking face in really is the ultimate indictment of the furry subculture.
Ooh, take that, Terri Schiavo! Topical!

I was reading comments while I listened to this garbage and all I could hear was Gonzo.
Get back to System of a Down
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