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Desc:Aaaaaaallllll of it.
Category:Classic Movies, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:flatland, meta, getting myself 3-starred as a dimension lesson.
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Comment count is 6

Also, extradimensional stars for the title cards, which manage to be one of the best characters. This is what it's like to be bugged by an extradimensional onlooker.

Fuck, did I type that first part perpendicularly?

They're actually preparing this for a 3D IMAX release right now...


What's the story behind this? Some huge inside joke? A meme taken on a life of it's own?
The IMAX version is another film based on the original novel. It will be the fifth adaptation (that I know of).

Wait, never mind, it's a 3D (pfffhahaha) IMAX version of the half-hour all-star-cast film, originally released in the same year as this one.

They should just not bother to 3D-ify the 2D sequences. Return to the days of 'put on your 3D glasses now'. Maybe even have pointless clear or lensless 2D glasses for people to wear during the 2D sequences.

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