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Desc:He's back on another track. This one's for the club. And the workout room in mom's basement.
Category:Arts, Crime
Tags:Rap, krispy kreme, one million crimes, finally found a tissue
Submitted:MC Scared of Bees
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Comment count is 11
The Mothership
When does Money Maker Mike get a chance to drop a verse? You know he's ready!
He says the most...by not saying anything at all.

I'm pretty sure people could see you up in that tree, they're just pretending not to notice to be polite
He's back on another track? This is the first I've heard of him! Not even done with the intro and he's already lying to me. You're disrespectful of me and my time, Krispy Kreme. I shan't give you any more of it.
Don't be hating on Krispy. This kid rocks.

At :46 he does the John Cena you can't see me wave! This guy is the greatest.
MC Scared of Bees
Hey Cena_mark, he's a Cena mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFWSEcG5Gik

MC Scared of Bees
Posted this comment before I saw 108458. Welp.

Jet Bin Fever
This kid is pretty awesome. I really like the related video too where Money Maker Mike just stands there... again.
Something's up with this.

The audio is studio quality, very well mixed. The video seems to be shot with a higher-end camera with the shakycam shit added in post. The lyrics are well written and intentionally quirky... same with the settings (swing, tree, etc) in this vid and the booger nose in the last vid, too self aware.

It's got viral written all over it but I can't quite figure out the angle. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.
Eroticus E
The video just looks like it was shot hand-held on a DSLR.

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