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Desc:I submit to you nothing less than a masterpiece.
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:WTF Japan, rrcherrypie, softy candy donuts, gentle madness
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Comment count is 18
the show case adds that extra touch of class and over-the-top OCD
oops stars

Corpus Delectable
That was exactly where I lost it, where the madness reached out of the screen and into my brain, causing me to laugh uncontrollably.

gentle madness.... what a tag.
Play with it!

yeah, new favorite tag

How come Japan gets all the awesome candy and we're stuck with gummy worms, liquorice babies and only one flavour of Kit Kat bars?
Because Americans don't want to spend 20 minutes painstakingly constructing their candy which they're just going to shove in their face all at once.

Mister Yuck
Why are you knocking liquorice and gummy worms?

American Standard
Bless his strangely obsessive little heart.
Jet Bin Fever
If you were a miniature person, his house would be the one to hide in.
When I saw what became of the holes, I said "oh no" out loud to no one.
This charmed me unexpectedly.
Does anyone know what this stuff tastes like?
Macho Nacho
I suspect the stuff tastes like sugar and pasty dough with artificial flavors.

That guy
I don't get it, do some people live to be a thousand or something? Is this the daily life of a Tolkein elf?

'Gentle madness' needs to get linked, but man this is creeping me out.
Aubrey McFate
So charming and creepy all at once
"gentle madness" is indeed a tag that we've been missing for all these years
It's like watching a lava lamp
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