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Desc:The burglar music still frightens me to this day.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:the sims, nightmare fuel
Submitted:Pope Caius
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My sister had the Sims house party expansion. I made a man who lived alone with a separate building outside his house that had a fireplace and a ton of plants. I'd have a party and make my man go into the plant house until someone went in to talk to him. Then I'd have him leave without the guest and quickly pause the game, move a plant in front of the door, and wait for the fire to start. My serial killer party man had a full graveyard behind his house before I got bored with it.
Mike Tyson?!
That is all anyone ever did.

Jet Bin Fever
I played the Sims for a while around when it came out. I made Morrissey and Johnny Marr Sims that fell in love with eachother and then committed suicide in a blaze, destroying Morrissey's prized wicker furniture collection.
oh please tell me Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy rescued a chaise lounge and had it restored in fire-engine red nail lacquer!

Somebody made a Sim of me, based on my Twitter persona, and put it out for open download on the Sims website. People seem to love it but it has a bizarre tendency of falling in love with ghosts, which it achieves by stealing the urns of dead Sims from their torched houses. This is pretty accurate to my real life.

It's also weirdly obsessed with writing novels and exercising, two things I tell myself I'd like to do in the real world but haven't yet actually achieved.

what happened when burglary, fire, hauntings, death and pet deaths happened at the same time?
I loved putting 8 people in a yard with nothing but a coffee pot, put it on high-speed, and just watch them yell at each other till they pissed themselves and eventually passed out.

...that's pretty much all I did with the sims.
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