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Desc:Gordon Ramsay deals with twin baby-men.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:twins, Gordon Ramsay, kitchen nightmares
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Resubmit:The Mothership

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In Canada
Comment count is 31
I went here for lunch the other day. Nobody else was in the restaurant. Pizza wasn't terrible though.
blue vein steel
it's still open? there is a like 90% failure rate for restaurants that have been on kitchen nightmares.

http://www.quora.com/What-restaurants-on-Kitchen-Nightmares-have-c losed

Yeah but to be fair there's like a 90% failure rate for restaurants PERIOD. This show is about the median, not the outliers.

This is why i keep eating more and more at home, my cooking sucks, but at least i know who killed my stomach, and how.
They remind me of the giant retard babies in "Nothing But Trouble".
Holy Shit, They Are!

Also, I've been watching this show on Netflix and this is hardly the most disconcerting. The arrogant lunatic who had "NO 1 CHEF" on his license plate (and who chugged gallon after gallon of Red Bull), the British hipster who thought being a maitr'd was compatible with his goal of being a club DJ, and everyone, everyone, everyone involved in the Indian restaurant which had a name in an unreadable font that everybody called "Purina" were all worse.

Bad choices in font seems to be a recurring theme on this show.

The one episode that haunts me isn't even gross. It featured some kid on one of the older UK episodes that was made head chef and inflated his ego. He was asked to cook for his family at home and wound up burning some stuff. The food that made it out unscathed was eaten in horrified silence. His family members doing all they could to not say anything to hurt his feelings.

The craziest one is where the guy has been hoarding plates. Gordon tosses them all into a dumpster, like "Hoarders" but without any pretense of helping the guy work on his OCD. That one's still open.

Good show, but nothing compared to what I see when I work around mall food courts. At my current job site, a chain restaurant in a food court is being renovated and every surface above head level was covered in rat and mouse feces.

I bring my lunch to work every day.
Adham Nu'man
Oh those delicious delicious tears.
Adham Nu'man
Oh wait... The twin boxing match!

This isnt hulu.
When Hulu grows up it will become PoeTV.

Yeah, what the fuck? I want my ads and it to be region blocked.

What I love about Kitchen Nightmares is that the owners willingly sign up to be on a show about terrible restaurants, and then they're always surprised when Ramsey tells them their restaurant is terrible.
An enduring mystery.

Dread Pirate Roberts
They own a failing restaurant. They are desperate people that could use a free renovation, upfront money to appear, and the free advertising for having someone yell at them for a few days.

I'll bet that in first season of the UK run that people didn't know that they'd be called "nightmares" or that he'd try so hard to make them look like failures. But after that it should have been clear.

crying middle-aged, fat men make me really uncomfortable. i've worked in food service all my life and once someone breaks down and starts crying on the line, it's like blood in the water. there is no coming back from that.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Okay, first off, how in the holy HELL could they have been in business for 14 years?

I kept thinking I've seen them on some crap sitcom at some point. Then I realized I'd seen them here:

http://health.discovery.com/videos/national-body-challenge-twi ns-2008-thiel-reveal.html

I guess the weight loss didn't last. These two are a Poe Red worthy train wreck.
The irony of Kitchen Nightmares is that Ramsay himself has made a shit-ton of dumb decisions with his own places and now he's having to shut down most of them along with that new chain he developed with his business partner. Isn't he bankrupt at this point?
not if he keeps making these shows!

Well...knowing that people like this are running restaurants is enough to make me never eat out again.
Holy shit, these guys are like cartoon characters.
Fatboy trying to clean the low boy racks sobbing uncontrollably = a million billion stars. If I came around the corner in the kitchen and saw that I'd have to take a break to stop laughing so hard.
The camera man has the restraint of Christ.


I finally figured out who these two remind me of:

The Mothership
A very special episode INDEED.
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