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Desc:He does not know how to run a nuclear power plant
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:guns, paranoia, nuclear power, prepper
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Oscar Wildcat
That's what happened at Fukushima. Those niga's were all like "You mean we ain't gettin' paid??? WTF?!?!?! Let that motherfucka melt!"

Pass me the expired salad dressing and stale Ritz crackers.
Jet Bin Fever
Actually, Mr. Niga doesn't work at Fukushima, he works at Onagawa.

big pincers
it's like he's on the verge of realizing how patently absurd prepping is. also, it's nice to know there's a kid around while he has all the guns out.
Unloaded guns aren't going to hurt any kids. Dude is just cleaning his guns.

They let you read about guns in the Coast Guard? Is it part of the anti-pirate training so you know what one looks like when its pointed at you?

Now you wanna run around talkin' about guns like we ain't got none. What you think we sold them all?

big pincers
that's all well and good cena, but from personal experience: someone I am related to accidentally shot and killed his father playing with an "unloaded" pistol while the father was cleaning his guns around all the kids. one forgotten bullet in the chamber is the reason I never knew my gramps. just sayin'...


Try to imagine if someone, somehow, managed to pull an Orson Wells War of the Worlds type of hoax these days. You would think that with the internet and such it wouldn't be that easy, but just imagine someone did it. This guy would be one of the first ready for the action.
If Alex Jones had 10 times the followers he has now It would probably happen.

His skin is dark from his job sweeping chimneys in Clerkenwell.

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