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Desc:Expurgated to fit a prime time slot, 1960.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:groucho marx, Gilbert and Sullivan, expurgated
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Wonko the Sane
I'll never understand why "Mikado" is now considered one of the top 3 G&S operettas. It uses the fashion fad of 1880's England to poke fun at it's politics.

Meanwhile the then highly popular "Patience" is a near unknown today despite using themes one can still relate too (manly men soldiers and sensitive poets vie for the affection of ladies)
The attraction to Mikado is the pageantry, I think. It's supposed to look so different from every other G&S show.

Normal folks only think of "modern general" when they think of G&S, and theater people will be drawn to most fun ones to perform, so Mikado is always on the top of any operetta list to perform because audiences will love the pretty colors (not that it's bad), and that lets it persist a bit. Patience is really good, though. I love the tongue twisters in Ruddigore, too.

My question: How come Princess Ida has been completely forgotten, but stuff like Taming of the Shrew is still considered standard?

Ruddigore is fantastic, it's like Snidely Whiplash: The Musical.

B. Weed
Is there a really memorable song from Patience? I haven't seen Princess Ida or Iolanthe but I have still heard "If you give me your attention" and "The Nightmare" and remember them (even if I don't always remember their proper titles).
Wonko the Sane
It's true that there aren't a lot of songs from Patience that are still on people's radar today, but many consider it to be some of Sullivan's finest work but maybe not so much Gilberts (the patter song is particularly bad). If you know some G&S you may recognize these. Sorry for the varying quality.

Love is a Plaintive Song. (one of my all time favs)

When I Go Out of Door

Sad is That Woman's Lot

Also: Here's Joni Mitchell singing one of them why not

"If You're Anxious For To Shine" oughta be the POE national anthem.

And Lord Julius makes his first appearance in pop culture.
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