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Desc:Being a vehicle by which Stephen Fry sums up his views on religion.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:BBC, religion, stephen fry, QI, Culloden
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Innocent Bystander
This is what I thought about submitting when I saw the clip about astrology. Too bad there's no 5 second clip of the summation.
Jet Bin Fever
I adore this show. Anyone know a good place to find it streaming, hopefully legitimately?
There are entire episodes on Youtube, though sometimes an episode is missing here or there from a season.

Also, Ronni Ancona is delightful.

International hero NickFromFulham and his alternate channels has been my only source for this show for years now (seen every episode and he's the first to "syndicate" a lot of the British comedy to foreigners on youtube). I have looked for it streaming. You may likely find it on tvlinks but I stick with old reliable Nick.

Jet Bin Fever
thanks fellas.

I've tried thinking of what american personalities would appear on an American version of this show. Damned if I can think of a single one (aside from the comic relief, but even then...)
Rich Hall

Hay Belly
Michael Ian Black

There was an American version of QI in development to be hosted by John Hodgman a few years back that actually had the blessing of Stephen Fry and John Lloyd but it never went anywhere.

It's like watching people compete for bulbs.
The Mothership
It is, you're right.

Ronnie Ancona is Adorable in every appearance on this show.
Once in a while she visibly tries too hard, but I really have to dig deep to find any fault with her.

Somber place to visit but definitely worth it.
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