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Desc:Home movies from the infamous 2008 K2 expedition
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:abc news, mountaineering, because its there, k2, no way down
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jangbones - 2012-05-25
The full episode on Hulu;
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-05-25
I didn't know this but there are something like 200 bodies left on Everest along with tons of trash. What used to be only for the die hard adventurers has now turned into a tourist attraction for those willing to fork over over 50 grand to climb that thing. And just like a ride at six Flags there are lines to climb the summit and if you happen to succumb from the effects of oxygen deprivation there will be nobody to help your sorry ass back down the mountain. Be sure to say hi to Green Boots
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