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Desc:Of course this happened in Germany.
Category:Arts, Classic Movies
Tags:germany, Giorgio Moroder, Neverending Story, Limahl, nice tree costume
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Comment count is 17
He's not certainly too shy shy about the best thing he's ever done.
OH god they killed Falcor.
Centennial Ostrich
Falcor being molested by backup singers AND Limhal doing air guitar? Excellent.
Jet Bin Fever
I thought you guys were saying that this killed and molested Falco, which I thought was really funny. Falco is about a trillion times more awesome than Limahl.
If anyone doesn't believe this man, just look up the video for "Der Kommissar".

Good to see Falcor and Atreyu getting work these days.

You might want to add a "Giorgio Moroder" tag just for anal completeness since he actually wrote the song.
Done. Fixed the spelling of "Limahl" too.

What is it with countries that we've defeated in wars?

Also: looked more like a bad Swamp Thing costume than a tree.
big pincers
yeah I liked the swamp creature guys

In fairness to Germany, the actual novel Neverending Story was German, written by a German guy, and very, very popular there long before the movie.

I can think of some other novels that were popular in Germany...

You mean.....HITLER????

Five stars for clearly making the dancers provide their own wings.
wtf japan
Limahl made it out of the 80s? Wouldn't have taken that bet.
Koda Maja
Can we all agree that Germany is the Japan of Europe?
Billy the Poet
I think it was a principle of National Socialism that Japan was the Germany of East Asia.

Main difference at this point is that one has an economy that works.

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