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Desc:wendy vainity
Category:Horror, Pets & Animals
Tags:nightmare fuel, stencil buffers, 3d animation, wendyvainity
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Comment count is 12
big pincers
wendy's triumphant return to poetv! she's getting better by the way
By 2015, she will become sentient.

big pincers
btw, i meant her animation was getting better. presumably her mental illness is progressing along quite nicely, to our benefit anyway.

and wouldn't you say she's already sentient? I am down with her achieving omniscience. I subscribe to the eventual Wendyvainity Singularity. On second thought, she would probably end up being like AM, nonstop eternal nightmare punishments for ALL

Adham Nu'man
So, are you trying to say we're not there yet?

Jet Bin Fever
The fur probably took days to render.
The preload is so mentally twisted looking that I actually hesitated to hit play. Then, I hit play and realized my earlier reaction had only been trying to protect my sanity.
I firmly believe that if she wore an all black outfit complete with sunglasses and a beret, she could make millions having New York art shows in massive galleries that had nothing but flat-panel displays of her work played on a loop.

It's all in the presentation, I guess.
She'd also have to learn a handful of buzzword-laden responses to questions, as well as slap together a manifesto, but yeah, she could be a huge.

Pope Caius
I'm not there yet.
I'm not there yet.
I'm not there yet.
She out-Munched Munch with this.
Appropriate that she chose that painting as the background. Screaming was all I wanted to do as well.
Incidentally, 'nightmare fuel' is up there with 'what hell sounds like' and 'also his balls are huge' as my favourite search tags for some quality Poe-ness.

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