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Desc:You're looking for 57:30. Doesn't really work backwards.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:backwards, alien, ridley scott, the whole thing
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The Mothership
now do Aliens.

"they're going back into the goddamn walls!"
We're on an express elevator to heaven, going up.

Afterwards they can do Alien Resurrection backwards and maybe we'll all get IQ points returned to us.
Hey, you got your firefly in my aliens!

.maercs ouy raeh nac eno on, ecaps nI
!nam revo emaG
Meant to be a reply to The Mothership.

where we are from, the xenomorphs sing a pretty song

It kind works.

So when did reversing movies become a thing? I can't really imagine watching this all the way though or what you could possibly gain from doing so.
Amazing, some alien hitches a lift with Ripley on a shuttle and goes on a mad reanimation spree bringing all her mates back to lift when the ships done reassembling itself. It put lambet back together, put parkers brain back in, put dallas back in the airvents and delivered brett back from the ceiling. Before sacrificing itself to save kane by performing internal surgery. Thank you xeno!

I want to see the sad story of Citizen kane. The story in where this rich, old man gets sadly younger and younger before loosing all his money. Like that curious case of benjamin film but with game show elements. Sad tale of our time...
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