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Desc:Can you do that? No you can't.
Category:Religious, Fashion
Tags:grace jones, hula hoop, Diamond Jubilee, Slave to the Rhythm
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Comment count is 12
Because "A View to a Kill" is the best James Bond movie.
The Queen Mum just adores 'Conan the Destroyer'.

Lord knows I haven't clapped since I saw Grace Jones blow up in that movie.

XENOCIDE ACTION FACT: I had never heard of Grace Jones before that Achewood strip.

Jones has a good set of lungs.
It's safe to say that that woman has a good set of pretty much everything.

Jet Bin Fever
She looks amazing for her age. Really. She must sleep in a pressurized tube.

Actually, we all have double the lifespan because Grace Jones exists. She doesn't sleep in a tube, we sleep in her Grace.

Innocent Bystander
This woman is 64 years old.
Fuckin A, you GO grace!

Prickly Pete
Is this Manute Bol?
Grace Jones is auto-10.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
She did a surprisingly good dub reggae take on Iggy Pop's "Nightclubbing" with Sly and Robbie.
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