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Desc:'Send me please a new balloons!!!!!!!'
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:balloons, SFW fetish, alissainflatables1, Everything Is Porn, Hot Chicks Fetish
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Comment count is 14
Wow, a porn site that uses Youtube as storage, really awesome :)
The internet proves I have fetishes I didn't know I had. (Hot chicks doing stuff)

Tag suggestion: Everything is Porn
Hot Chicks mowing the lawn.
Hot Chicks cleaning a cat box.
Hot Chicks cutting down trees.
Hot Chicks slaughtering cattle.

Hot Chicks fetish.

Dont you judge me zircon!

I wonder if these girls go to sex industry conferences and get snubbed by all the women who fuck horses and fill their vaginas with poo.
Anyone remember the Balloobear photobucket that the Poe red forums found years ago?

For those who missed it, Baloobear was one guy(?) who had a fetish for cartoon mice trapped in balloons stick on the ends of cartoon bears' noses. No site, just a Photobucket folder with over 300 shoddy photoshops. Every 20 or 30 photos was a closeup of his toilet with an inflated balloon floating in it.
Ha ha, I was just searching for that

Bingo bango.

Sadly, unless he's hidden all his fetish material, he seems to have de-ballooned himself and now just collects screencaps of CGI movies with talking animals in them.

So that's how you do bold text

The most amusing/baffling one I've found in recent memory is the artist who goes by the moniker of "BSting". This particular person draws mostly characters from friendship is magic being stung on the ass by bees. There is sometimes pornographic content in his images, but it is mostly a closeup of some furry's ass being stung by bees.

Nothing related to video content though, which is pretty much the only reason I can't submit anything here.

MC Scared of Bees
Goddammit, you found me out.

Jet Bin Fever
If I was a girl, I would love for men to pay me to blow up balloons and sit around.
Wonko the Sane
Wow those are gigantic balloons. ~O_o~ I showed my kids this video because they've never in their life seen balloons this big, I hadn't either I don't think. Where do you get balloons that big?? I want to get some, fill them up with helium and float my entire living room full.. so I'd have a balloon forest for my kids' birthdays. Super fun. =^_^=

Bee095249 2 hours ago
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