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Desc:Okay I laughed
Category:Pets & Animals, Crime
Tags:Mouse, Sick, wtf, Tap Dance
Submitted:split tail
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Resubmit:split tail

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Comment count is 13
Five for split tail fixing the link.

Man, when that mouse wakes up he's going to be sore.
Wonko the Sane
that mouse aint waking up

The order of my reactions watching this;

This is going to be stupid

This is disgusting, the product of a sick mind.

Sick -and- boring

Laughing my ass off.
good time to use the necropuppetry tag
Oh god, I was about to say this video was sick and awful, then I read your suggestion. I made that tag, tried to kick off a week of this, and now feel like an absolutely terrible person for having done so.


I would hate this if the cat that is living with us hasn't killed 500 mice (and voles and shrews and squirrels) in the past month. I am totally desensitized to rodent death and I laughed my ass off at this.
Booty butts errywhere.
I no longer feel sympathy for house rodents. 5 dark n hearty stars.
Just coming off a weekend of sleeplessness, taking my dog in and out of emergency vet hospitals. Had a rough night, thought I'd have to say goodbye to her today.
Is it totally sick that the antics of a dead mouse made me feel better and laugh like a moron?
(BTW, turns out the dog will be OK.)
Turpy's dance drove the demons out of your dog. Good work, Turpy!

Don't believe Wonko, Turpy is just tired. Very very tired. He'll wake up after a good nap.

Old People
I hate myself for loving you.
He's gonna be really stiff the next day.


It's all fun and games until rigor mortis sets in.
Xenagama Warrior Princess
Reminds me of a children's show on a budget.

I laughed.
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