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Desc:Spastic Arm Flailing,Yelling,Forgetting, and Mexicans.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:trying too hard, spikebravo, nick bravo, bravothelionhearted, uncomfortable silences
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Comment count is 7
I'd pay to see a video of him with his foot stuck in a bear trap for 45 minutes
Oh man, the wailing would sound like some sort of unholy mixture of Gollum and meatwad doing an impression of a phantasm from Blood.

Eroticus E
I don't know what you guys are talking about. This is great stuff!

plenty of white comedians tell racist jokes.

BravoTheLionhearted in reply to mindliberationarmy 12 hours ago

Sorta true. Nothing is sacred in comedy but a good rule of thumb when using other groups of people as the butt of your jokes is to be proportionately self effacing or to use your own short comings for material. For example, when you were comparing a group of brown skin laborers to a tide of diarrhea you could have made a joke about how at least they are working for their money and about you are a homeless panhandler who survives off of handouts. Just a tip! Where is your next open mike?

beefwave in reply to BravoTheLionhearted 1 second ago
The greatest vicarious terror I have ever known is watching a person I know is crazy get in front of other human beings and do a thing. Spike Bravo has done it multiple times.

I couldn't bring myself to watch this for more than about 15 seconds.
big pincers
I voted this up in the hopper but I don't have the desire to actually watch it.
Jet Bin Fever
It's funny, but not "ha ha" funny.
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