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Desc:Okay, he's drawing some lines... whoa. WHOA. WHOOOOAAA.
Tags:pen, writing, Calligraphy, Asian Sorcery
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 18
5 cuz it seems like a cool pen. +5 more for the ham-handed Randian references.
I started out just appreciating the handwriting but the very slow dawning of the Rand references nearly killed me with happiness.
kayvickable 1 day ago 31

Fuck this guy and fuck this pen (that I want).

Jet Bin Fever
I'd want it too, but I would just get ink all over myself and make horrible blotchy garbage with it.

The guy has a customized fountain pen which he uses to write Ayn Rand quotes.

Given the amount of alone time he has to hone his craft, I expect better.
Atlas Smudged.

Giving it four because I'm a fan of calligraphy.
Caminante Nocturno
I was hoping he would start busting out some fancy kanji with that thing.
Same here.

You weeaboos would like that.

I enjoy fountain pens.
Not shown: hours and hours and hours of practice.
Sanest Man Alive
Falcons have resin?

Also, finish your damn alphabets, kid, for completeness' sake if nothing else. At the very least, write out some kind of pangram.
I worked with a guy who used calligraphy. I'm saying this guy wrote bullshit memos in full out calligraphy. His job was running envelopes through a stamp printer and refilling the coffee.
Neat pen (I know nothing about calligraphy so it may in fact be a crappy pen)!
Corpus Delectable

Von Mises fetishist and hack philosopher...
big pincers
the noises were positively grating. also, was I the only one who got a weird, "bifurcated glans" vibe out of this pen?

I had to stop after he drew that sandwich. At least I think it was a sandwich because it made me go eat one.
I'm a pen lover, specially those ... Falcon look pretty good, wish have one ... calligraphy here is good, but unfinished, bad.
I was expecting more of this video, something like those nanquim japanese drawings, would be more fun ! :)
just like the japanese man ironing a shirt and the guy shining his shoes, this video makes me sleepy
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