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Desc:Never aired musical episode of PowerPuff Girls that everyone cares more about than I do.
Category:Classic TV Clips, News & Politics
Tags:Powerpuff Girls, not communism, not capitalism, not banned, not propaganda
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Comment count is 15
Found this on a list of banned cartoons and didn't believe it, so looked it up. I submitted this for the last line in the episode, which is not sung. Though don't get me wrong, I LOVE musical episodes of TV shows beyond what is explainable by the gay gene.

I am not a Powerpuff Bronie, or whatever that would even be called, and if this is not a dupe I am shocked, though it didn't appear to be at the time.

End disclaimer by a middle aged man on why he submitted a cartoon musical about little girls.
Shoebox Joe


I don't watch Power Puff Girls. I'm too bad ass for that.

Achievement Unlocked! PoeTV meme : CenaMark's brony-ness!

Character Unlocked! baleen!

Pope Caius
The YouTube comments
I don't know if this episode was banned or not, but according to wikipedia it's not the series finale.
Binro the Heretic
HOLY FUCK! That was hard to endure.

For those who don't want to sit through it:

- The girls are worn down fighting all the super villains at once and wish it would stop

- In asnwer to their wish, a magic gnome offers to eliminate all the super villains in exchange for absorbing all the girls' super powers

- The girls are turned into regular little girls and Townsville is purged of super villains

- Townsville becomes a peaceful utopia with everyone willingly worshiping the gnome

- The Professor convinces the girls it's a bad situation because everyone has given up their "freedom" in exchange for lives without super villains destroying their town on a regular basis

- The girls demand their powers back, but the gnome refuses to return them

- There's a whole bunch of bullshit about how good can't exist without evil.

- Since the gnome is good and has eliminated evil, he realizes he can't exist and disappears

- The girls get their powers back and the super villains return

- Everyone is inexplicably happy
Thanks for making it so I don't have to watch this, it sounds horrible. And I can enjoy the Powerpuff Girls occasionally.

Wonko the Sane
cartoons for grown-ups
I used to love this show, the humor and art style was pretty appealing in the late 90's. Watching this now, I kind of think I used to be crazy. The voices are horribly annoying.
Spit Spingola
I actually bought the entire series on DVD a while back. The first and maybe second or third seasons are good in a sort of minimalist, ironic way. Sometime after that they started listening to their fans and kind of killed it.

I hate to piss in your Wheaties, but...

-This isn't even close to the series finale. It's episode 59 of 79, so there were 20 episodes after it.

-The last line of the episode is sung, unless this particular upload is missing a piece. The only line that isn't sung is the one where the gnome is falling to his death and whines about his utopia not being able to exist.

-This episode wasn't banned, it was just never aired on the US Cartoon Network when it was new, for whatever reason (it's not the first time), but it's aired on Boomerang. I live in Ohio, and that's how I saw it.

The rest of the internet seems to believe it really is a banned episode and it was banned for it's supposed anti-communism and satanism. They also believe gullible does not appear in the dictionary.
Fixed description.

Fixed tags.

Binro the Heretic
They probably didn't air it on CN because it's just plain awful.

Really, the music is grating and the lyrics are insipid.

With a lot of repeated filler.



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