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Desc:Rockin' corporate 'viral marketing,' dude!
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:canada, bad CGI, trick shot, bulk foods
Submitted:Seven Arts/H8 Red
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Comment count is 16
Caminante Nocturno
"Oops, I accidentally rammed the camera into your tits. Sorry."
Jet Bin Fever
Please tell me that's the youtube preview frame.

Jet Bin Fever
lost opportunity...

Why have I never heard of this scoop based wonderland?
Is it all candy? Or is there a scoop bin full of batteries?

Cool cannot be caused intentionally. Cool happens.

It did not happen here. All involved will never attain true cool.
That guy
Yeah and also, incontrovertible proof that not all Canadians are funny.


Corpus Delectable
I clearly heard a pop-metal soundtrack, which is the imprimatur of cool.

I will accept your apology, SPK.

So terrible it is obviously five stars.
They seem so proud of it, too.

Killer Joe
'Stuck the landing!

The hell cool guy word did they shorten to make 'Stuck?
how did this copy of Killer Instinct suddenly appear on my lap???
Either all these Bulk Barn locations meticulously recreate an identical floor plan and layout, or this lame ad was filmed in my town. I don't know which possibility disturbs me more.
I had the same thought.

Aubrey McFate
Yes, please go to the instant replay on that bad CGI.
This is a place where you go drunk to alleviate your worries of not finding a good receptacle to barf in.
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