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Desc:I get sores on my tongue just looking at it.
Tags:lathe, shot glass, jaw breaker, Wonka Lung
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Comment count is 42
what a patience and ability! well hoping this guy having the same when he makes love ... ohhh
Haha, what?

hahaha... yeah usually men thinks ... boom bep bap ... and it's done !!! and after asks if it was good ... so we say WTF !!! hahah... double meaning of course .. hahaha

I'll have whatever sigrdrifa is having.

well, ok it a boom bep bap might be wonderful depending of de scenario and who, but watching this video I don't know why made think that ... haha... and THA SUGAR RAIN, sorry, I'm not taking anything, it comes naturally ... perhaps it's something to think about .. hah

I nominate this dude for best poetv user of 2012

ohhh.... feeling very flattered now ... ha

I will refrain on my judgement until he gets a video through the hopper. Let's see what you've got!

*Boss music plays*

Jet Bin Fever
He one starred Ultimate Roller Legend! LETS GET HIM!

HE ?? what hell is he ??? dream on dear ....

didn't even watch the video.

Architeuthis Tux
I too often am reminded of the delightful act of physical intimacy when I see a man's hands wielding a sharpened piece of metal against a rapidly spinning piece of sucrose -- the energy released by the roughly broken chemical bonds, the permeating food dye, the way his fingers become sticky against the flesh-warmed steel. His relentless excoriation reveals the interior striations, so bright and glistening. Again and again he pushes the sharpened tool into the candy, again and again it relents to him and yields up the hidden form within.

In many languages world-wide, with words colloquial and scientific alike, the vagina is conflated with a cup. But do all such cups dissolve with use like this one, this confectioners Galatea? Is it unseemly to imagine the aftermath of ars amatoria sagging this glutinous paramour and rupturing her walls? To envision the milky bulge as the weakest sugar bonds give way into runnels and rivulets, finally destroying the vessel wholly?

Yes, yes. To make jawbreaker shot glasses is to make love to life itself.

The Mothership
the Evil Midnight Bomber has joined POEtv and is commenting on videos.

Old People
Not watching the video, just enjoying Sidgrifa or whatever its name is.

* Architeuthis Tux
You make me think you're such a great lover ... those words in the ear of any women will bring her easily to cum ... hahah
Congratulations Marquis de Sade, with no offences of course ... in fact love it your comment, you got the spirit ... very delightful.

The Mothership and Old People ... comments very appreciated ;)

Caminante Nocturno
I give you three weeks, tops.

well just trying to bring some fun at this boring video .. I did actually skip some parts (13 min?), but I wouldn't let to appreciate the ability of this man !

Thank you guys for your kind comments

The Mothership
And so he says to me...you want to be a bad guy? and I say Yeah Baby! I want to be bad! I says Churchill space ponies I'm making gravy without the lumps!

Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!!


Miguel is that you?

Te llamas Miguelito ? .... Sííí ..... booommm .... llamavas .... haha.. sorry, no Miguel here

Five stars for this whole fucking thing.

Jet Bin Fever
I hope this comment thread goes on and on and on.

"Sir, I regret to inform you that you've got a bad case of what the old timers used to call 'Wonka Lung.' See these multi-colored stripes on your chest X-Ray, here? They're why you'll be dead in three years and coughing up different flavors until you do."
The Mothership
I was going to point out the amount of sugar in the air, but 'Wonka Lung' gets some stars.

Wonka Lung. Yes.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
Wonka Lung should be an activated tag for candy factory videos.

It's weird, that's usually an ailment only Oompa Loompas get.

My stars, they are for you.

So that's why the "Will it Blend?" guy never blended jawbreakers.

Stars for WonkaLung.
MC Scared of Bees
Can I split mine between "Wonka Lung" and "Evil Midnight Bomber"? Because by god that is what I'm doing.

Caminante Nocturno
Later found stuck in the throat of a high school girl.
well just trying to bring some fun at this boring video .. I did actually skip some parts (13 min?), but I wouldn't let to appreciate the ability of this man !

Thank you guys for your kind comments
killer tunes
This is how you get ants.
That guy
Architeuthis Tux, you beat out 'Wonka Lung' for these.
Don't know about 'relents' though. Word choice?
Sigrdrífa is not a man or a woman. Sigrdrífa is Armenian.

It looked cooler at 7:33 when it was still roundish and had the stripes on the side. That should have been his finished product, after he made the shot deep enough.

Also, Architeuthis Tux.
ohhhh yeah .. really? .. what it means being Armenian ?

you made me watch the whole video and i still with the same feelings about it ... his ability, care and technique makes me flight and dreaming with those hands

split tail
and those hands are getting covered with sweet sticky candy while he's doing it to you

I am five starring this whole page, of which the video is a small part.
Wow, this happened.
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