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Desc:Communism doesn't build road cars, it builds cars for where roads dont exist.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:russia, communism, Fifth Gear, lada, Niva
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Comment count is 10
The Mothership
I will talk to my friend in the ministry, see if I can get you on the list.

Do they come in red?

Don't take my joke as a sign that I don't want one too.

You will be on a different list, my bourgeois friend.

The Mothership
this is the best short & sweet comment thread in ages. don't you two ever change. 5 for both of you.

Didn't know you were allowed to drive on the right side in England.

1 star for tired anti-communist jokes.

1 star for revolting british car-fetishist.
Yeah, you vote science videos down in the hopper, you're the dumbest ass possible.

You're worse than Communism and the British rolled up in a shitty American SUV.

Robin Kestrel
Huh, never heard about green lanes before.

You could still buy the Lada in Russia. It looks exactly the same as the old one.
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