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Desc:The King of Sweden weighs in on a controversial game.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:feminism, Robbaz, Lollipop Chainsaw
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 19
Can this game look more generic? Suda51 is probably the most overrated person in the gaming industry.
Yes, the cheerleader with a sparkly chainsaw cutting zombies in half is so generic.

Half the blame goes to James Gunn for this one

American Standard
The fact that it's a cheerleader chainsawing the zombies instead of a standard scowly man is not enough to save it from banality.

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Anyone who thinks a scantily-clad sexpot using a large weapon to kill things is something new has apparently not heard of this thing called "Japan."

Everything about this game suddenly makes 100x more sense knowing that gunn was behind the writing.

Cherry Pop Culture
But my question is: Is this game any good?

I like hack n' slash and beat 'em ups. I don't mind if a game has the same damn story as every other flippin' game in existence. I like charm, fun and gameplay. Then again, I haven't played a lot of new games and have no idea who the Hell James Gunn is.

Caminante Nocturno
Wait, you want to actually talk about the game itself?

Are you a misogynist?

The game is pretty lousy, IMHO. The EC Comics-esque style of the menus and some of the presentation is kind of awesome, but the gameplay is generic beat-em-up crap and the levels are painfully linear. I dunno about how "controversial" this game is (I haven't been following it or anything) but it's a lot of dumb fanservice pandering, that's for sure. The girl is portrayed as a complete idiot, most of the game is about her tits or whatever, the outfits you unlock are all the usual shit for a game like this, and the humor is geared towards people who think Adam Sandler is a genius. It's one of those games that thinks it's so winky clever and 4th wall breaking and OH WOW MAN MY MIND IS BLOWN THIS GAME DOESN'T CARE WHAT THE *MAN* THINKS ABOUT IT! THERE'S A JOKE ABOUT "GIVING HEAD" WHEN HER BOYFRIEND IS JUST A HEAD! M-RATING HERE WE COME! I can't believe Grasshopper Manufacture had anything to do with this piece of shit.


While not exactly cheerleaders, the Onechanbara games are more or less the same concept: hot girls in tiny outfits cutting zombies. I mean, this is just lazy in every way, not just for the zombies, but even the fanservice is lazy.

Suda 51 had very little to do with this. FYI.


Sanest Man Alive
Stanley, you really can't believe that? Shadows of the Damned was basically Resident Evil 4 : Grindhouse Edition, but since RE4 was already crammed full of chainsaws, over-the-top violence and cornball acting, all they could think to "add" to it was more shitty sex jokes than the entire [Adjective] Movie franchise. Motherfucking dick jokes ruined hell, and I never thought I would ever type that.

It had its moments. I particularly liked the lamp fish just for its utterly weird music, the storybook readings, and the papercraft shmup levels-- just not enough to go through the whole package again.

Cherry Pop Culture

:( That sucks to hear. I usually don't mind fanservice or immaturity a whole lot; but if that's all a game has to offer, then it must not be able to stand on it's own two feet. I don't really follow games anymore but I do like surprises. Oh well.
Caminante Nocturno
The main draw of the game isn't the setting as much as the fact that it's Suda 51's take on that setting. So, it's got more to do with what you think of Suda 51 than what you think of fanservice or however you want to describe it.

Cherry Pop Culture
Oh...Well I'll probably just pass. It doesn't sound like it's worth my time :P

killer 7 was my jam. this looks like it will be a good bargain bin pickup in a year or so.

Make no mistake, I love me a good beat-em-up no matter what the story or theme.

But the fact that she's really stupid and says things like "OMFG" all the time? I don't think I'd last past the first level. Well, unless the mechanics more than made up for that, and by "more than made up for that" I mean that I could button-mash all day because I absolutely suck at video games.

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