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Desc:and ye shall submit to the power of THE SUN!
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:Hot, melt, padlock, puddle, fresnel lens
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Comment count is 10
Is this time lapse, or are there demons of binding in the lock trying to escape?

I used to have a fresnel lens... I wasted it apparently. : (
I'd believe it's real time. My brother had one of these and could melt a dime in a few seconds.

Judging by the movement of the smoke that comes off of it around half-way through the video, it's definitely sped up.

Sanest Man Alive
I still have a fresnel lens in my bookcase somewhere! Mine's about 4x magnification, but I don't know if it's capable of this. Time to go experiment!

The handheld wobble of the lens tells me it's in real time. The smoke really does wisp off that quickly, because the focal point is a fuckload hotter than your average backyard grill (as evidenced by the MELTING METAL HOLY FUCK).

Other lessons I've learned with my fresnel lens: don't look directly at the focus unless you've got a fuckin' welding mask on (in my darkest sunglasses, I'd still see spots for hours after), and don't try to burn stuff on blacktop, unless you really like the smell of tar smoke.

A clever ruse, but adepts understand this video to be of George Soros using the powers that manifest upon the opening of his third eye.

That guy
Get him!!


lol I work with these lenses all the time and I had no idea they could be concentrated to do this.
That's fucking cool.
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