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Desc:She was bullied because She was so nice and helpful and i guess they didn't like that.
Tags:suicide, did she died
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Adham Nu'man
Why is this here for us to mock?
Hurting people hurt people.
So what's the deal with this. None of the memorial pages for this person tell the same story. Its like someone makes it up everytime its posted.
Pope Caius
That's why it fascinates me. Something just seems really off about the whole story. We see comments from 'sisters' and 'best friends' and people who claim to have known her online, yet the parents are curiously absent. I'm looking at one of the Facebook pages for her, where someone asks about visiting her gravesite and the admin responds that she wasn't buried. And yet there's a strange young man called "Michael Absolutelydeadinwards Howard" who claims to have left roses at her grave.

His "About" description on his profile is:
"Look at my in my fancy suit look at me in this brand new car look at me with my bloodied red knucklesook at me loving the girl in this grave who commited suicide because those fucking bullies look at me while i kiss this red rose. And place it upon her grave look at me cry"

The admin has also said they'd close down the page if it doesn't get 500 Likes by July 5th. It's all very weird.

Yet the Kayla Marie Wright narrative has attracted a number of people. Many of their comments pertain to how beautiful she was. And I realize that we're looking at the cultural meme of the tragic ingenue too good for this sinful earth. The fact that bullying is a hot button issue these days helps as well.

here she is 13 and died by hanging herself.

http://self-injury.net/self-injurers/in-loving-memory/kayla-ma rie-wright

Here she died in 2008 from an overdose


Pope Caius
And there are two Twitter accounts that I've seen links to.

The first has an announcement of her death by a supposed sister, the other one has some references to suicide.

Some detective work is in order.

cursory look at the RIP facebook page shows it to be some camwhore name Rian who hijacked the identity of this girl


who really killed herself. Sorta evil but also boring.


Maybe I'm just too easy to impress, but that sounds pretty POE worthy. She took the name of an actual dead girl and made up fake memorials for attention? That's pretty fucked up.

Poe-worthy by anybody's standards...

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>She took the name of an actual dead girl and made up fake memorials for attention? That's pretty fucked up.

I don't get it. Why are you convinced that the girl who is in these pictures is the one who made the video? I could make a video like this with images of anybody on facebook. What's clear is that there is more than one girl, so somebody is pranking somebody.

Here's a post from the RIP Facebook page

>>NOW I WILL TELL YOU THE REAL STORY 1)this girl on the video is death 2)she was from new zeland not from colorado and 3) she kill her self because of anorexia R.I.P shame on you who put all these comments and especially those who claim that they knew or was alive

if i were writing this film the next act would be about Rian becoming suddenly, inexplicably depressed and then killing herself like the original Kayla.
Pope Caius
And perhaps a convoluted backstory involving demon possession and branching timelines.


John Holmes Motherfucker
Kayla is directing her from beyond the grave, and planning her revenge.

Maybe there's something weird going on, but there's not enough of a thread for me to grab onto. Three stars so it's not a vote-off-the-front-page rating.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Oh, there's definitely something weird going on.

When will the world have a serial killer that targets people that misuse apostrophes?
Youtube memorial.
John Holmes Motherfucker
In another thread, I've been defending myself against charges of being a crusading white knight, but let me say that I hate these stories. Normal healthy kids don't commit suicide because of internet bullying, and these melodramatic narratives aren't why bullying is bad. It's because the internet culture we all have to live with shouldn't be stupid, mean, ugly and conformist. This our culture and our communities, and we should all expect something better than TITS OR GTFO.

I think this is a hoax. On one site it says "she didn't make the papers", and that makes me think this is a hoax. A pretty girl killing herself because internet bullying would fucking make the papers.

That, and it's clearly two different girls.

This reminds me of...

John Holmes Motherfucker
I'm just as skeptical of this misogynist "camgirl looking for attention" narrative as I am about two dfferent girls with the same name committing suicide. And just as fascinated. I went to the Facebook page, and the only thing I saw that indicated that the girl in the video was named Rian was people saying so. As far as I'm concerned, it's just one urban legend sprouting out of another.

They complement each other. Camwhores and bullies.
John Holmes Motherfucker
The only thing hard that I've been able to find is two different girls with the same name, so we know for sure that somebody is pranking. If I keep digging, I might uncover reliable evidence that one of these girls really comitted suicide, but now that this is off the front page, i probably won't.
Pope Caius
And I found another girl with the same name who was found dead, though not by suicide as far as anyone knows, and in Auckland no less.

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