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Desc:A long documentary on several girls preparing for their purity ball.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:christianity, purity ball, sexuality
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Comment count is 46
Jet Bin Fever
Just wait till they break out the purity contracts (40min in), signed by the fathers of course. Utterly fucked up.
Is that mitt romney right at the start, holding the sword? Guess all sheltered white americans looks the same to me.
Fascinating. Good find.
This is really really REALLY creepy.
Also disturbing: the smug sense of superiority.

Carl Winslow was right when he said sex has become more deranged in the past couple of decades or so.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I can't watch this, but it seems a lot less creepy when i consider that many of the young men who are this age are posting on 4chan. I suspect that many of these fathers don't really care if their daughters remain "pure" until marriage, they're just trying to keep them out of trouble until college. Can anyone blame them? Just a few days ago, in the next town, a sixteen year old babymama was (allegedly) strangled by her baby's (alleged) daddy, who is 19 and appears in the dead girl's facebook profile pic wearing a hat that says "AVOID HANGOVERS, STAY DRUNK". Now, that's REALLY really really creepy!

http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/pressconnects/obituary.aspx?n =shelby-jenkins&pid=158054608
Except it's not. It's a weird Jekyll/Hyde thing. In order to keep their daughters from being treated as sexual objects, their daughters must be kept as sexual objects. The ideology must be maintained at all times and this sort of fetishization of purity is it's terminal stage. This is the last generation of this sort of thing, and they know it.

I'm from the area too... none of the local news reports mentioned the baby for the first two days, as if being a 16-year old mom had nothing to do with being found dead in the baby daddy's room at 4:30 a.m.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Except it's not WHAT? I'm assuming that you're not saying that a sixteen year old girl being strangled isn't creepy, so looking over what I've written, "except it's not" seems like a non sequitur. And the Jeckyll/hyde reference isn't clear.

No one's saying that this isn't creepy and disturbing. I'm saying that the male youth culture of 4chan (for example) is creepier and more disturbing, and I feel a bit of sympathy for these fathers, though maybe not the specific fathers in this documentary, which was too creepy and disturbing for me to watch.

The fetishization of virginity isn't necessary for adults, but if I had a fifteen year old daughter, and i thought it was the best way to keep her from having sex before she's ready, I'd hold a purity ceremony, and for the conclusion, I'd dance on hot coals. For the record, i don't think it's the best way.

Obviously, there's a lot going on here that's a part of the problem, and some of these father-daughter relationships will turn ugly when the vows are broken. These relationships are all different. Sometimes it really is about the girl's hymen, and sometimes it's about the girl. Sometimes, having the father involved in the girl's life is going to be a wonderful thing, no matter how bizarre the context.

Speaking of creepy, John, you should really refrain from commenting on things involving teenage / pre-teen girls, especially when you think you might mention something along the lines of bullied, abused, 4chan, etc. You clearly have a lolita complex, and I don't think anyone wants to talk to you about it.

Cherry Pop Culture
John Holmes Motherfucker, you're a motherfucking idiot.

I totally not appreciate your ideas of how to raise a daughter. My father and I never did the Purity Ball thing or eyeball my hymen and I am a college student with no kids, no diseases, no addictions and NO TROUBLE. Kids are great and are the future, but even thinking this kind of shit is 'okay' does not belong in the 21st century.

John Holmes Motherfucker
MY ideas of how to raise a daughter?


The fetishization of virginity isn't necessary for adults, but if I had a fifteen year old daughter, and i thought it was the best way to keep her from having sex before she's ready, I'd hold a purity ceremony, and for the conclusion, I'd dance on hot coals. FOR THE RECORD, I DON'T THINK IT'S THE BEST WAY.


I'm glad your parents brought you up right; too bad they didn't teach you how to read.

And I have a lolita complex? Here's the part where I ask you to explain what the fuck a lolita complex is, and you aren't able to do it.

Go ahead Doctor, enlighten me.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I posted that from McDonalds while waiting for a bus, on the fly, so just to be clear, I was replying to two different posters.

Caminante Nocturno
Welcome to my world, asshole.

How many times have you pushed me down this very same hill while laughing, motherfucker?

Wait, 'motherfucker' isn't a very good insult to use against you.

Lolita complex: you are obsessed with young girls.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>How many times have you pushed me down this very same hill while laughing, motherfucker?


>>Lolita complex: you are obsessed with young girls.

I googled it. It's not an actual thing, is it? It's not in the DSMV, it's in the Urban Dictionary. According to the Urban dictionary, it's SEXUAL obsession wi8th young girls. Yuck.

Let me explain. He''s referring to my involvement with the Boxxy fans. People who think Catie Wayne is just some dumb girl with no talent remind me of those idiots in the seventies who thought that the Sex Pistols didn't know how to play good music. Graham Parker said of these people "It's obvious that they have cloth ears."

People who think that being a fan makes me some kind of a sex pervert remind me of the idiots who thought that every Sex Pistols fan was a criminal. I've been encountering these assclowns for a couple of years now. They all think I'm a pervert for being a fan because they're hopeless dullards who can't imagine any other possibility. I wonder if I should tell them that I once read the diary of Anne Frank.

This is about art and politics. For reasons that have nothing to do with her, viigilantes tried to force this girl off the internet. They hacked her YouTube account, they threatened her, and even came to her house and left creepy tokens on her doorstep. And nobody cared much. It was vigilante censorship, and I was very much offended by this, because I'm such a big sex pervert.

It's a reference to a well known book. If I said you had a Homer Simpson complex, you wouldn't think it was a medical term.

And you put on your white knight bullshit any time something involving young girls comes up here or elsewhere. I remember you taking a valiant stand for Miss Teen South Carolina's babbling incoherence as well, praising her quick wit.

You act impulsively and over-protective when the subject of young girls is brought up. It is really fucking creepy. Stop it.

John Holmes Motherfucker
That's not going to happen. I can tell that someone having an original point of view is painful for you, because you're a bigot. I know it;'s hard, but I'm sure that somehow you'll find the strength to carry on.

The thing about Boxxy is that she overcame the suppression and established her voice all on her own. I'm not her White Knight. She's mine. Seriously, if she hadn't come back to the internet, i believe that it would have made it a lot more likely that other people would have been subject to the same kind of harassment.

Do you have to notify the neighbors when you move into a new neighborhood?

John Holmes Motherfucker
PS I defend women more than men, because I believe women get dumped way on more than men. Am I wrong?

A 15 year old girl is a called a whore, a camwhore, for posting a video on youtube. Boxxy used to get rape threats in her comments a dozen times a day.

It's true that I had to go through a long period of learning that I couldn't do anything about it. That was my White Knight period, but i've made my peace with that, to the extent that I have to.

But it's still wrong, and I'm still going to say so, And if you're more comfortable with people who call fifteen year old girls whores than with the people who say that it's wrong, I wish you a lifetime of discomfort.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>Do you have to notify the neighbors when you move into a new neighborhood?

No, and why would I have to? What do you imagine that I have done wrong?

I think you should watch the video.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Okay, but I hope you understand that we're not talking about this video anymore. We're talking about the propaganda line put out by bullies, that those who criticize bullies are always motivated by perverse sexual urges.

http://media.photobucket.com/image/white+knight+/jjohnson83/In ternetWhiteKnight.jpg

John Holmes Motherfucker

Cherry Pop Culture
If I may: If you want to defend women, tell men/boys to not call girls whores. Simple, huh?

No need to protect their hymens! :D :D :D

John Holmes Motherfucker
No no no you're confused. Hooker attacked me personally about something entirely different, and that's what we've been talking about since then. Don't conflate the issues.

For Christ's sake, read what I wrote. I didn't say that purity cermonies were a good thing. I expressly said that I think it's "creepy" and "bizarre", and I said "obviously, there's a lot going on here that's part of the problem"

What I did do was try to temper the condemnation with a little nuance, to express some compassion for fathers trying to protect their daughters from dangers that are real, and to suggest that some of the fathers who engage in this sort of thing (not necessarily the ones who appear in this documentary) are good fathers.

Here's the thing. I believe that evangelicals have a right to their own families. I believe the same thing about gays.


John Holmes Motherfucker
I just googled the name. Judging from the photo of the star-crossed lovers, I'm guessing it was after the band, not the car.

Insane Clown Posse was probably considered, but that's really a name for a boy.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Forgot the link


John Holmes Motherfucker
It's a reference to a well known book. If I said you had a Homer Simpson complex, you wouldn't think it was a medical term.

I didn't imply that it was a medical term. I implied that it was bullshit.

I found the book on Amazon. Here's the one review.


6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
What is this book, really? November 10, 2006
By G from Tx
I have been a licensed psychotherapist since 1987 and since then have worked with both the victims of childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and the perpetrators of these types of abuse.

In 1986, I first ran across this book. I was a graduate student and researching the affects of incest upon the victim and his/her family. The information on the card catalogue (remember the days before the computer?) indicated that the book was a scholarly work on the subject. The title raised a red flag. I recall skimming through the chapters and soon coming to the realization that the book was anything but scholarly. It did however give me some insight into the pedophile.

According to Trainer, a girl (aged 9 to 14 yrs) who "initiates" sex with an adult male is a "Lolita," a "seductress."

Trainer wrote that the book was meant, "To evaluate through the use of case histories, professional opinions, police records, transcripts, and interviews, the proposition that, as a youth-conscious society, we Americans may well be preparing the way for the spread of Lolitaism," or "man-child sexual relationships."

As stated the book contains "case histories;" stories of how different adult males and girls under 14 meet and end-up engaging in sex. The sex acts described are explicit.

I believe the book was written to appeal pedophiles, but promoted as a serious examination into pedophilia, you know...to fly under the radar. I am curious how and where this book was promoted.

Trainer, of "The Lolita Complex," who is this Trainer? Is Trainer a pseudonym or what?

By the way, I am also an instructor at a university in the state of Texas. Yesterday I was doing some research in the university's library. Can you guess the title of the book I found in the child abuse section? I hate to think of a victim of childhood sexual abuse trying to understand what happened to him/her then being re-traumatized by picking up this book.

I searched the net, this book is said to be a collector's item.

Oh my God, you are an idiot. I never thought I would see someone respond, "I found the book on Amazon," referring to one of the seminal novels of the 20th century.

I've known some evangelicals like this, they ended up in two groups, the ones who got married at 18 to the first person they wanted to fuck, and the "forever alone" people.
11:16 to 11:55... that is a creepy dad stare, right there.
I sincerely hope that's not an "I have a raging erection right now" face.

It's Bob!

Born in the RSR
Preview image
American Standard
Twisting scriptural commandments to suit your needs until you can 'em creaking like a dry plank.

Awful. I wish we invested this much time into reassuring girls that the sum total of their worth isn't a thin film of tissue in their vagina.
Jet Bin Fever

No honey, that's not what adultery is.
Just finished watching the whole thing.

Jessica's story was particularly stomach-churning because her parents didn't allow her to have any formal education about sex, completely repressed her with this stupid purity shit, and then had the nerve to get upset when she wound up pregnant. I'm glad Jessica went on to be successful and lives with her boyfriend against the wishes of her shrewish mother.

Love how the dad denies the purity ball thing is incestuous and declares that he doesn't have a sexual relationship with his daughter... right the fuck beside his 11-year-old daughter on camera. Actually, no, wait... I don't love that. That's disgusting. And I feel terrible for the 11 year old who signed that stupid pledge not knowing about how she would feel in a few years.
This documentary screams Society of Unapologetic Daughter Fuckers. It just doesn't stop either. Second in command of the Purity Ball has to be the worst first officer position possible, you wouldn't order Commander Riker to "maintain virginity at all cost, number one." My favorite rewritten Commandment is "Thou Shalt Not Be Christian," the First Commandment. Every time that dude looks at his daughter while she is parroting his bullshit to the camera, I want to spray him in the eyes with bear spray. Wow, the no physical contact before marriage girl is horrifying... until Jessica's eldritch broken clown smile that she can't turn off, that poor girl was raised by fascist six year olds in adult bodies. She's lucky God wasn't bullied by Christians and was available to give her an abortion when she got knocked up. And now for the dude who blames all the women for his having nine children. Spectacular. "Her father fertilizes cattle for a living" and now we know where he gets his opinion of women. Daughters are doomed beyond doomed. OH GOD and now we're back to the creepy daughter fucker guy... okay, going to post before I annotate the whole horrific thing.
John Holmes Motherfucker
>>Do you have to notify the neighbors when you move into a new neighborhood?

No, and why would I have to? What do you imagine that I have done wrong?
Syd Midnight
[all of Hooker's other comments.]

John Holmes Motherfucker
Now that I found the book that Hooker was citing, I know that when he said I had a "Lolita Complex", what he was actually saying is that I am an underage girl with a compulsion to seduce older men. See the review above.

My five stars are also for Hooker's hilarious comments.

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