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Category:News & Politics
Tags:gay marriage, black people, civil rights, LOGIC!
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Comment count is 11
chairsforcheap - 2012-06-20
chumbucket - 2012-06-20
His lobby in Call Of Duty likely kicked him from the server 2 minutes in.

StanleyPain - 2012-06-20
This is some of the stupidest shit I have ever heard in my entire life. Thus, 5 stars.
And he says it with such authority and self-importance. Extra ghost stars.
SolRo - 2012-06-20
As soon as a couple gay people started comparing their rights movement to the black civil rights movement an assload of dumb black people suddenly became angry law/history/constitution experts.
Cherry Pop Culture - 2012-06-20
I love history. It proves the stupids wrong. A big jump in marriage law in the United States was an interracial couple in 1967. But this guy wouldn't know that would he?

memedumpster - 2012-06-20
Need to turn the brightness up on this dumb white person.
BillLumbergh - 2012-06-20
ruined my day. Five stars.
charmlessman - 2012-06-20
Damn me and my Crab Mentality!
Dread Pirate Roberts - 2012-06-20
"There are many religions. You can't claim they are supporting religion because there are many religions. That argument is flawed."

... He's that much of an idiot that he's making generalizations about generalities? No one is saying that 'all religion is influencing politics in america.'

We're saying Christianity is buttfucking the rights of people that like to buttfuck!
Juice Eggs McKenna - 2012-06-21
Those sure are some fine strawman arguments.
Scynne - 2012-06-22
I couldn't even figure out what his points were for most of those "arguments/rebuttals."
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