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baleen - 2012-06-20

The perfect start to my work day.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-06-20

Poor Robert Smith didn't age well at all.

StanleyPain - 2012-06-20

That's not even recent footage of him, either.

Oktay - 2012-06-20

If I'm not mistaken, that footage is more than a decade old. But I've been mistaken before, so there is a slight chance I'm mistaken right now.

This was awesome btw.

Oktay - 2012-06-20

Also, I posted before I saw StanleyPain's comment. So there.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-06-20

So for a story, I went to see the Cure almost 10 years ago when they toured through this area with Interpol and Muse. Some time before the show, my cousin and I were walking around behind the staging area looking for a restroom and he said to me "Wow, look at all these stupid fat Robert Smith look-a-likes... like that guy there!" and he pointed to a chubby guy with black dyed hair, wearing a baseball cap and clownish makeup who was speeding by on a golf cart. As he passed we noticed that it was actually, honest-to-god, Robert Smith.

Jack Dalton - 2012-06-20

5 stars for that story...

Unrelated story-- when I was around 12, I went to see Tower of Power play at an outdoor theatre, a show that featured BB King. I wasn't really into BB King and I had never seen him before. My friends and I snuck back stage and hung out with a couple guys from ToP. They eventually left (I'm guessing to get high). After that, we looked around for BB King-- he would have basically been the biggest celebrity I had seen in person at that point in my life other than Bam Bam Bigelow. We looked into a window and saw an old black guy in a suit eating a pie. We just stared at him in awe, "Holy crap-- BB King...eating a pie. This is awesome." We watched every mundane thing he did for about 5 minutes until security told us to go back to our seats. Eventually, the real BB King played that evening... we never figured out who the guy was eating that pie.

chairsforcheap - 2012-06-21

5 stars for jack dalton's story!

Unrelated story -- when i went to see yo yo ma play in japan i SWEAR to god me and a friend were liek "dude that's him eating ramen" and THEN

Crab Mentality - 2012-06-22

For Jet Bin and Jack.

I once saw Monica Lewinsky selling her line of ugly purses, being guarded by a guy who looked like he'd been knifed in the face once, like a while back. My first impression (and words out loud, since she wasn't in earshot) was "Damn, she's put on some real weight." After that, I went and tapped on the glass of an aquarium filled with bees that was a display for people selling honey.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-06-22

Wow, so that makes you one separation away from Bill Clinton's penis.

threads - 2012-06-21

This is exactly what all of my fever dreams are like.

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